Lender in Focus 4.3: QuickQuid Reviews

quick quid reviews

quick quid reviews

Lenders provide facts about their loans on their websites. They will detail the costs, the figures, the statistics and the benefits. The same applies to QuickQuid reviews.

Alongside the facts, it can help to gather information about the experiences of previous customers.

Genuine reviews can tell you what others have thought of being a QuickQuid customer. You can see what they liked, as well as anything that didn’t impress them.

QuickQuid on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a review website. All reviews are independent and will not have been influenced by QuickQuid.

In January 2017, QuickQuid had a TrustPilot rating of 4.6 out of 10. This is in the ‘Poor’ category.

Reviews are mixed, with some very positive and some negative.

“Rude customer service staff”

The most negative reviews typically mention “rude customer service staff”. There are also some concerns about the QuickQuid call centre being based in Chicago.

Lender in Focus 4.3: QuickQuid Reviews

It may be that using an overseas call centre has left QuickQuid with some communication issues. Some customers have said in reviews that someone promised to get back to them, but they then had no further contact. Other customers have been told that something would be done, but feel the message might have been lost somewhere along the line.

“Took my money at 9 am”

Some customers have been unhappy with QuickQuid’s repayment collections. Largely, due to them happening early in the morning.

If you have QuickQuid loans or instalment loans from any other provider, it is best to have the money in your account the night before it is due to be taken.

Lenders do not tend to specify a collection time. This means your repayment could be collected, by the Continuous Payment Authority, at any time from midnight onwards. By having the money in your account the day before, you can be sure the funds are available to be collected.

“Very helpful live chat service”

Positive reviews frequently mention the live chat facility for QuickQuid customers. This means questions can be answered online, without the need for a phone call.

“Helpful in an emergency”

There are many positive reviews that mention the convenience of QuickQuid’s short-term loans in an emergency.

Lender in Focus 4.3: QuickQuid Reviews

“In the past I used this service as I was ill from work for 3 weeks but wasn’t entitled to Company Sick Pay at the time. I received the money I asked for very quickly and was very happy with the service. There was an issue paying back the loan early, but one conversation to a woman on the online chat sorted it out, and I managed to save over a hundred pounds on paying it back early. I would recommend to anyone who needed some small amount of cash and could pay it back soon.”

“I have used this company for years and I haven’t had a problem. So I keep within their rules, which is sensible, and I find their help invaluable. I have 2 very old cats and one very young poorly cat. My vet bills are unpredictable, but always very high! By being a QuickQuid customer I know that I can agree to life-saving treatment at the vets and pay it back at a later date. It really has been worth its weight in gold to me.”

QuickQuid on Review Centre

Review Centre is an independent review website, similar to TrustPilot.

On Review Centre, QuickQuid had a score of 3.3 out of 5 in January 2017.

“Rejected a loyal customer”

Many of the negative QuickQuid reviews are from customers that have had short term loans in the past. When they’ve applied for new loans, their applications have not been approved.

It is easy to blame QuickQuid if they’ve turned you down for a loan despite approving your applications in the past. However, the fault does not lie with the lender.

Providers of short-term loans must be responsible. They need to ensure you can afford to repay your loan, and they should go through affordability assessments before they agree to lend money.

If you are a previous customer, you will not automatically be approved again. A responsible lender checks your current situation, reviews your credit file and ensures your circumstances have not changed.

Even if you believe your situation is the same on the surface, it may be that the lender has found a change that you’re not aware of.

“Fast and easy”

Loan reviews frequently mention that applying for a loan is a relatively quick and easy process.

You can apply for QuickQuid’s short term loans online.

According to the lender, most decisions are made within 30 minutes.

“The application was fast and easy with no excessive filling to be done. When I needed some help, the staff I chatted to was very helpful. Thank you for assistance when I needed it.”

QuickQuid Testimonials

As well as using independent review websites, you can find QuickQuid reviews on their own Testimonials page.

Exploring reviews of QuickQuid

It is unlikely that a lender would publish negative reviews of their service. But, viewing QuickQuid’s own website can also give you access to other positive opinions.

“I recently became unemployed after being made redundant and was worrying how to repay my outstanding debt of almost £600. So I contacted QuickQuid immediately and they arranged a payment plan that was sympathetic to my situation. I can’t praise QuickQuid highly enough for being so understanding. And I would advise anyone needing a little financial help to contact them straight away. Thank you QuickQuid — you’re amazing!”

“Really good if you’re short on a bit of cash. I had to do jury duty and then was sick from work, which meant a shortfall in cash. QuickQuid were there for me. Their online chat advisors are also unbelievably helpful and understanding. Thanks QuickQuid! Best short-term loan company I’ve used to date!”

QuickQuid reviews: summary

Independent customer reviews of QuickQuid are noticeably mixed. Whilst many people have positive experiences of borrowing from this lender, there are also many with complaints about the service they received.

Lender in Focus 4.3: QuickQuid Reviews

You can use the reviews from previous customers to get a better appreciation of QuickQuid’s service. It may help to know that the call centre is based in the US and that existing customers might not necessarily be approved for another loan.

Many of the positive loan reviews mention how QuickQuid can be there in an emergency. Short term loans are designed for unexpected expenses, and this lender can offer funds with approval in as little as 30 minutes.

Customers also like QuickQuid’s online live chat, which can be helpful if you’re not in a position to make a phone call with a query or question.

For further information on QuickQuid, read the rest of the series.