Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk
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Updated: 2nd July 2024

Who are Moneyboat?

Moneyboat is a short term loan provider based in London. Moneyboat is a trading name of Evergreen finance London Limited. They allow customers to apply for loans up to £1500 through their website and offer customers a well-designed & transparent customer journey.


How much can you borrow from Moneyboat?

First time customers can apply for loans between £200 and £800. Returning customers can apply for up to £1500, although this will be subject to the nature of their previous account.

What repayment terms are available?

Loans can be repaid anywhere between 2 and 6 months. The minimum duration for the first instalment is 5 days, while the maximum is 45 days.

What sort of rates do Moneyboat offer?

Moneyboat’s advertised representative APR is 939.50%. They offer customers a daily interest rate of 0.70% per day which is lower than the maximum daily interest rate set by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Loan repayment example: Borrowing £400 over a 4 month period, with a fixed annual interest rate of 255.5% and a representative APR of 939.50% would require 4 monthly payments of £149.37.

Are Moneyboat regulated by a governing body?

Yes, Moneyboat are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).As you can see on their FCA register page they trade under the name Evergreen Finance London Limited.

Can you repay the loan before the final agreement date?

Moneyboat state you can repay early without any additional fees or charges. Unless agreed to by Moneyboat, the payment will clear accumulated interest up until the day the payment is made, with the rest of the payment used to reduce the total outstanding amount of the loan. Moneyboat will then re-amortise (spread the payments) over the remaining number of agreed payments, unless agreed otherwise.

How soon do Moneyboat pay out the money?

Once everything is approved and agreed to by both parties, the money can be in your account as quickly as 15 minutes.

How do you apply for a Moneyboat loan?

Before putting forward an application, Moneyboat ask that applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Be in part-time of full-time employment
  • Take home at least £1,000 each month
  • Have a valid email address
  • Are aged 18 or over

To apply for a Moneyboat loan you need to complete an online application form. They will then carry out eligibility and affordability tests to ensure you are suitable for the loan. If successful they will send across an official loan agreement for you to review, sign and return (if you wish to proceed).

Are there any late payment fees?

Yes, you may incur a charge of £15 for every late payment.

Any customers experiencing financial problems should contact their customer service team as soon as possible.

What’s the best way to contact customer services?

You can send an email to thecrew@moneyboat.co.uk, call 0203 818 7470, or text 07533 023 333.

Opening hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Is there a Moneyboat app, or an online account provided?

Moneyboat have an online account facility where customers can log in and see the balance of their loan and make payments as well as talk to a member of their customer service team.

What do customers say about Moneyboat?

On Trustpilot Moneyboat have an excellent reputation, customers have given them a rating of 4.6/5 based on 5,068 reviews (correct as of January 2022).

Moneyboat summary

Moneyboat are a direct lender offering short term loans between £200 and £1500.

They advertise a representative APR of 939.50% and a fixed annual interest rate of 255.5%. They have been authorised by the FCA since early 2016.

To apply for a loan with Moneyboat you should:

  • Be in full or part-time employment
  • Receive a salary of at least £1,000 a month
  • Be at least 18-years-old
  • Have a valid email address

If approved, funds can be transferred as quickly as 15 minutes. You can repay the loan back early without any additional charges. Missed payments may incur an additional charge of £15.

Customer feedback on Trustpilot is excellent, with a rating of 4.6/5 based on 5,068 reviews.

CashLady Representative 79.5% APR

Representative Example

Amount of credit:
£1000 for 12 months
at £123.40 per month
Total amount repayable of £1,480.77
Interest: £480.77
Interest rate: 79.5% pa (fixed)
79.5% APR Representative

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems.
For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk


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CashLady Representative 79.5% APR