Lender in Focus 10.3: Sunny Reviews

Sunny reviews

Sunny reviews

When deciding whether to apply for a short-term loan from a loan provider, it’s often a good idea to check the opinion of other borrowers. From loan reviews, such as those provided by TrustPilot, you can see what other people think of your chosen provider. This can be fundamental in helping you make an informed decision. Today, we look at Sunny reviews to see what borrowers think about this UK based company and the credit solutions they offer.

Customer reviews can help to give you a clearer picture of the loan provider you’re most interested in. Coupled with the lender’s website help you find out much more about them and how their business operates. You can then decide whether they are the right loan provider for you and your short term financial needs.

Sunny reviews on TrustPilot

Lender in Focus 10.3: Sunny Reviews

TrustPilot is one of the biggest review sites used by millions of people. They collect reviews from genuine, verified customers, who can write about their experience from start to finish. TrustPilot is independent and loan providers have no control over what their customers write.

Sunny loans have a TrustPilot rating of 8.9 out of 10, which is classed as ‘great’. As of February 2017, over 80% of their reviews are the top rating of ‘5 stars’, and a further 8.5% are ‘4 stars’. Only 5% of reviews are the lowest ‘1-star’ rating.

To put this into context, credit card giant Barclaycard has a TrustPilot rating of 2.5 out of 10. While high street computing retailer PC World (UK) has a rating of 1.0 out of 10.

Sunny typically respond to selected complaints where they require further information. Alternatively, they try to resolve these issues through their customer service team.

“Excellent service”

While not every single customer on TrustPilot would agree, there seems to be a lot of love for Sunny’s customer services team. Their customer services are often described as helpful, efficient, and fast. Also, several reviews thank Sunny for helping them out of a tight situation quickly and with minimum hassle.

Lender in Focus 10.3: Sunny Reviews

Sunny say that once an application for a short-term loan has been approved, the funds can be transferred to the customer’s bank account in 15 minutes. Judging by the reviews on TrustPilot, the promise of ‘fast, flexible loans’ seems to be a reality for Sunny’s customers.

For those who are approved, Sunny promise user-friendly ways to manage your account, as well as a telephone helpline if you need to speak to someone.

“I used Sunny for a first time small loan due being off sick from work to cover bills for one month. It was so easy to use and was put in my bank in minutes. The repayment being a direct debit was the best bit because I’m rubbish at remember to log on to things and pay. And they send a text to remind you the amount n day it’s due to come out and if you can’t pay there’s an option to call someone about the repayment. Would definitely suggest this company for a short term loan”

Another reviewer agrees…..

“Sunny is a 5 star short term loan company that is very easy to use. I’ve always had the money in my bank within 15 mins. Repayment schedules are great and if you repay on time your interest reduces the next time you need a loan. It takes me 3 mins to log in and request a loan which is great when you need cash quick.”

Not all reviewers are happy with Sunny’s customer service, however. One reviewer wasn’t happy at being turned down for a loan after being asked to send in his paperwork and copies of his debit card.

“They accepted my application then proceeded to ask me for extra paperwork e.g pictures of my debit card and bank statements. After thinking I was getting the loan, the next day they emailed saying I was declined. They could’ve of done that straight away instead of letting me believe there was a speck of hope on the horizon.”

Sunny do state that they carry out checks to ensure that you have a UK bank account and credit card on applying. This is to ensure that you have the facility to accept a payment and a method of making repayments before your loan application can be approved. Yet, it seems as if the applicant did this and was still refused a loan.

Sunny assess all loan applications on their individual merit

They only lend to people that have the means to make their repayments. This means that, inevitably, some people do not get the credit options that they need.

Other negative reviews included one where a customer had paid off a previous loan in full and on time. However, when they made an application for another short-term loan, their application was declined.

Individual merit

Sunny’s policy, as with many other credit solution providers, is to look at each application individually. Successfully completing repayments on a previous loan does not necessarily mean you are able to do so now. Circumstances change, and Sunny recognise this by performing affordability checks on every application.


While Sunny’s way of lending to customers may not suit everyone, there are many happy customers for whom Sunny fits their needs perfectly.

“Such a good thing to have access to. As long as you are sensible and know you can make the repayments or even pay back early you will not have any issues with the loan. I have used a couple of times now and definitely feel comfortable in using Sunny again if needed.”

Sunny, as a provider of short-term credit solutions, may not suit everyone. Their products fit a purpose, which is to help borrowers fill a financial gap between an unexpected bill and pay day. Their loans should not be used to fund non-emergency items or for longer-term needs.

Lender in Focus 10.3: Sunny Reviews

It may be that you find yourself having to take out frequent short term loans. If this is the case, you may have more fundamental personal finance issues that you should address.

Sunny reviews: Summary

Overall, Sunny reviews are positive with feedback from many customers who are happy with the speed and efficiency of the service. Of note was the ease of making repayments. Yet, the gratitude for Sunny’s help when customers were in a difficult situation, was especially evident.

Some customers were not so happy with Sunny’s services. Particularly those who are refused a further loan after having paid back a previous short term loan in full.

There were a few complaints around not being able to get in touch with the customer service team at times. Customers are advised to call Sunny on their helpline number, or email as per the details on their website if they need to speak to someone. Their opening hours are also clearly stated on their website.