Lender in Focus 1.3: SafetyNet Credit reviews


SafetyNet Credit Reviews


Before making a decision about which lender to go with, it is a good idea to take a look at what other customers say about them, such as with SafetyNet Credit reviews.

CashLady online loans has compiled 3rd party customer reviews from a range of different websites. This is so that you can see what people are saying about SafetyNet Credit.

SafetyNet Credit has a score of 9.3 on TrustPilot and has a total of 6,793 reviews:

Does what it says on the tin

“Amazing service. Straightforward and easy to use”


“Got a fast response on loan application the next day a member of the company rang me, very pleasant and helpful.”

Real safety net

“I was initially scared of allowing third-party access into my account. But after speaking to the customer service adviser, I reluctantly agreed. And instantly I got the money approved for me as soon as the process was concluded.

It’s safe, reliable and cheaper than all the regular payday loan companies. You only pay interest on the number of days you use the credit for, just like an arranged overdraft on my bank account.”


reviews safetynet credit trustpilot


“The best yet!”

Easy, flexible and relatively quick

“One issue is that one month they up your credit limit, nothing changes and then you get an email regarding potentially dropping it. All for responsible lending but appears to be a bit over zealous. But, quick and easy. The app on the iPhone freezes constantly so that needs looked at.”

Great help!

“Yes, they take what you owe immediately from your account once a certain amount of credit has been deposited. But you can then reapply and available within the hour!

The rates are much better than a payday loan and would recommend this service to anyone.

I was reluctant about giving my log in details but now that I have seen it works. It comes highly recommended from me and I will be using this for a few more months before stopping as I need to continue this circle for a few more months.”

Excellent service

“very fast payment great customer service recommend highly”

Bigger credit limit

“Would have liked a bigger credit limit but money was transferred quickly and easily.”

Fast helpful inexpensive

“Easy to set up withdraw and deposit and the interest taken is very reasonable I’d strongly recommend.”

Excellent Service

“Excellent service. Very quick deposit. Slightly inconvenient repayment policy but this can be sorted easily with a phone call to the helpful customer service team.”

SafetyNet Credit has a 4.68 rating on the review site Smart Money People and has a total of 19 reviews:

reviews safetynet credit

A convenient way to borrowing.

“Safety net credit is a great facility for borrowing credit when unexpected bills arise. As the facility works in unison with your bank account it is the most financially viable way of borrowing.”

One of the best

“They are great and have the best system out there that monitors your bank. And if you get enough money to pay the loan early they will take the money and interest to that point which saves you money. Also, you can turn on a feature where if you go below a threshold you set they will put 50 in. So you don’t get charged for payments failing that has saved me a fee times already.

Very intelligent way of lending for those of us that will actually pay it back but have a somewhat jaded past of credit.”

Very helpful and straight forward way of lending. Application is simple quick and easy as is the responsibilities from the borrower.

“Having a not so great past credit history I felt it was impossible to obtain credit. After getting into issues with money during the month for rent and other expenditures I needed a little help. I applied at safetynet.com. And thinking it was immediately a conclusion it would be declined only to find it was accepted and the money was transferred within the hour. It saved a lot of worry and stress.

I found the small print easy to understand and the APR fair and reasonable. It is a great system of lending and the company are sure you can afford to pay it back before they lend. Even better, when you do pay it back, you can go back to your account and borrow the same money you have paid back again! Fantastic!”

SafetyNet Credit has a rating of 3.4/5 on review centre and has a total of 118 reviews:


“Took a loan out should of made my 1st payment of £40 at the end of the month. They’ve took over £120.00 on the 3rd leaving me with £50.00 to last over two weeks with 3 children!! No correspondence from them and definitely not as agreed. I would avoid them.”

Great idea for people who can’t get an overdraft!

Ive been with safetynet credit for few months now, and i dont know why people are saying its a sham. They have been great with me, they have increased my facility more than once. I had 1 blip but after a short phone call it was sorted straight away, thankyou safetynet credit for helping me when banks havent!”

Told it will take 2 hours. This was Friday. It’s now…

“Told it will take 2 hours. This was Friday. It’s now Sunday. Numerous emails sent with no reply. Don’t bother.”

AmazingExplore the reviews of SafetyNet Credit

“Thanks for everything….. SAFETYNET just gave me a chance to get some help when i need. But also rebuild my credit………..GOD BLESS YOU ALL…….I strongly recommend …………”

A complete waste of time

“Having read a few reviews on this company I decided to approach them for a line of credit ! Filled in the application form and complete the bank detail section and was told my application was being processed! 4 hours passed and still processing so I telephoned them to see what was going on ! There’s a problem accessing your bank account , so I did it all again and waited several hours and again nothing ! I then telephoned again to be told it looked like my bank account had been locked. I was advised to log into my bank account to see if all was ok. It wasn’t. I was locked out and had to reset all my passwords , I did this and the following morning there was still no news ! Cut a long story short ! Bank account locked again. According to the bank the third party trying to access my account had inputted the wrong details time and time again. Even though they had the correct details ! Here I am 48 hrs later , still no safety net account and having to reset my bank passwords for a third time !”

Absolutely first class

“Although i was very dubious about giving bank details at first, i decided to give it a try. And they really do only use it to view your balance!!! After months of doing lots of overtime at work which meant my income was higher than normal. (in which time my credit was increased). I stopped because of health issues. Safetynet noticed this and REDUCED my limit!! no straight away….they actually emailed me to say they would the next month!! to me, this is a responsible lender, not one just after loads of interest. Would recommend them to everyone….apart from those i DONT like!!!

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