Lender in Focus 1.6: SafetyNet Credit complaints and refunds



SafetyNet Credit complaints and refunds

There are often times when we feel the need to make a complaint. In the final chapter for our Lender in Focus on SafetyNet Credit series, we look at SafetyNet Credit Complaints, and how you can make one effectively.

SafetyNet Credit hopes that their customers never have reason to complain. If you do complain, they will try their best to rectify your issues. Once they have received your complaint, they aim to review and respond to it with an email within 48 hours.

safetynet complaints

Complaint contact methods:

  • Via phone

Phone Number: 0800 180 8559

understanding complaints and refunds with SafetyNet Credit

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Open from: 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 9am-5pm on Saturday

(Calls are free from mobile phones and landlines)

  • Via email

Email address: complaints@safetynetmail.co.uk

  • Via post


SafetyNet Credit
PO Box 1515
High Wycombe
HP11 9JE

SafetyNet Credit’s services are subject to the jurisdiction of the Financial Ombudsman Service.

If you have a complaint about SafetyNet Credit’s service, customers should write to SafetyNet Credit. They will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

If they do not respond within a maximum of 8 weeks or you disagree with their response, you have the right to refer this to the Financial Ombudsmen Service.

Final thoughts

The SafetyNet Credit Complaints procedure is one of the many topics we’ve covered in this part of our Lender in Focus series. We hope you’ll leave this series of articles on SafetyNet Credit, far more informed than when you arrived.

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