Lender in Focus 3.7: PaydayUK Cash Lady Review

PaydayUK Cash Lady Review

PaydayUK Cash Lady Review

As always with our Lender in Focus’ series, we provide you with Cash Lady’s in-house Review of PaydayUK. This is where we give a more personal perspective about formerly one of the UK’s largest and most respected short-term credit providers.

PaydayUK has also worked with CashLady for many years in the past. We have seen them help millions of UK customers obtain emergency finance during that time. At the moment they are not issuing online loans.

The business has transformed itself in recent years. Moreso as changes in the industry forced them to re-evaluate areas of the business which needed improvements. This was in order for them to maintain their market leading position and a clear focus on the customer experience.

A trusted short-term credit provider

PaydayUK has operated for many years now, serving millions of UK customers and helping them to obtain finance. Where perhaps other lenders could not.

Lender in Focus 3.7: PaydayUK Cash Lady Review

They became part of the Dollar Financial group in 2011 after they purchased MEM (Month End Money). Who were at that time the biggest online provider of payday finance.

Coming under the global DFG brand meant that Payday UK would not only remain one of the UK’s leading providers of short term credit. It could also continue to expand the brand and serve more customers.

On of PaydayUK’s clear strengths is their website which is clean, clear and easy to navigate. Where many modern websites are often busy and distracting, the PaydayUK experience is superior to many.

They also have overwhelmingly positive customer reviews on trustpilot. There you can often see a handful of reviews posted in the last hour or two. These reviews are probably the biggest indicator of just how much a company is investing into the customer service experience.

Ongoing Commitment to Customer Service

Review of PaydayUK by Cash Lady

Like the Money Shop (also owned by DFG) PaydayUK is committed to customer service. They provide telephone support Monday to Friday from 8 am – 7 pm.

It is also open 9 am – 4 pm Saturdays and 10 am – 4 pm Bank holidays.

Like The Money Shop, PaydayUK also takes their time to answer each and every customer review personally which we think is a nice touch.

What their customers say

Almost 93% rate their service 4 stars or higher, with 79% given them the full 5-star recommendation.

PaydayUK: Our Summary

PaydayUK remains one of the largest and well loved short-term credit providers in the UK.

At CashLady, we have had the pleasure of working with PaydayUK when the brand came under MEM and since Dollar Financial took over in 2011.

Lender in Focus 3.7: PaydayUK Cash Lady Review

As a partner lender, PaydayUK have consistently proven themselves to be at the forefront of short term finance solutions. They have evolved their product offering from a payday loan product. And, transformed it to a simple, easy to understand instalment loan specialist.

And perhaps that is why they are so popular with the British public.

They know what they do well and don’t complicate their offering with a wide ranging proposition. Something which may confuse or intimidate many customers.

Do you want a small loan, up to £2000 and want a quick decision? Fast payments and a ‘best in class’ customers service department who are almost always on hand to speak with you and help you in a cash emergency? PaydayUK could be your best bet.

It helps when their website is so easy to use, almost anybody could use it!