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Sunny is a provider of payday loans, flexible short term loans and larger loans over a longer period of time. Loans from Sunny come under two main categories: Sunny Now, which offers flexible short-term loans between £100 and £950, and Sunny Plus for loans between £1000 and £2500.

- Sunny Now is the short term ‘payday’ loan option. Sunny’s short term loans are given over a 6 month period, though you’re welcome to repay early and reduce the overall interest.

- The Sunny Plus promise is that there will be no late payment fees. If you’re taking out a larger loan then Sunny Plus gives you a 14 month loan term. Again, if you want to pay early, you’ve got that control and flexibility.

Who are Sunny?

Sunny is a trading name of Elevate Credit International Limited, who have a lot of experience in lending across the UK and around the globe. Sunny is a responsible loan provider, fully PCI compliant (to take debit card payments online) and given consistently good reviews by customers. With Sunny there are no admin fees or early repayment fees. Pricing is very clear and straightforward, so there are no unexpected surprises. If you repay your loan a little early, you simply save on interest which is charged by the day.

Applying for a loan with Sunny Loans

When you apply for a Sunny loan, you start by creating an account. You’ll fill in your financial details as part of a 3-page application process. Once your loan application has been completed, you’ll receive an online decision to show if your loan has been approved in principle. Sunny uses the latest technology to analyse customer data using an advanced scoring model, robust affordability checks, fraud detection models and automated decision systems to choose the right customers to lend to.

Your repayment options

A flexible overpayment plan makes it possible to pay back what you owe before you reach the end of your loan term. You can opt to pay a little extra each month, on top of your agreed repayment amount, in order to clear your loan early. These larger repayment amounts are optional and, even if you choose to overpay, you’re able to go back to your original repayment amount at any time. You can also choose to make one-off overpayments whenever you have some spare cash, rather than using the flexible overpayment system.

Help and Support from Sunny

The Sunny customer service phone line is open 7 days a week, staffed to answer any queries. If you don’t think you’ll be able to meet your commitment, then a quick call to the Sunny team will be your first and most important step. You can also make contact by live chat or email. As a technology company, Sunny makes the most of the latest tech knowledge, to bring ongoing improvements to the short term loan market – better service and better prices, with ongoing investment to improve things even more.

Responsible Borrowing

Sunny is a high-cost, short term credit solution like all of the options offered by CashLady. Though it doesn’t suit sustained borrowing over long periods, it could be exactly what you need for any financial events that you haven’t had time to plan for.

Applying with CashLady

Sunny loans are available through CashLady. We’ll process your application, send it to Sunny and provide you with loan offer details. As well as receiving quotes and prices for relevant Sunny loans, you’ll get a selection of suitable loan quotes from an array of other responsible providers.

Viewing a variety of loan offers from trustworthy lenders will give you the chance to make an informed decision, with no need to commit without looking at the competition first.

We make it easy to compare loan prices, term lengths and other important details, giving you everything that you need to find out if Sunny is your perfect loan provider. We do all of the shopping around on your behalf, so that you can quickly see exactly what’s available.

Here’s a quick comparison table, showing you the benefits of choosing CashLady rather than going straight to Sunny:

Here is a quick comparison table between CashLady and Sunny Loans:

Cash Lady Sunny Loans
Representative APR% 1272 1291
Loan Duration 1-6 Months 1-6 Months
Repay Early Yes Yes
Panel of Lenders? Yes No
Loan Options (Number of Lenders) 15 1

Should you wish to contact Sunny service use the following contact details:
Blenheim House, Newmarket Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP33 3SB
Contact Telephone: 0800 7315 444

Data taken from Correct as of April 2016.

Why CashLady?

Whilst we like to work closely with Sunny, and have worked with them for many years, we think that there are big benefits to checking over the entire loan market. That way, you don’t have to take the first quote you’re given.

We search the options to save you time. You only need to fill in one quote form, receiving a full range of results from our selected lenders.

We’re a licensed and responsible credit broker, and we constantly make sure that our products perform as intended. You’ll only get the product that you’ve applied for, with no surprises from us or your chosen loan provider.

If you need a short term loan for any purpose, why not get quotes and apply today?

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Representative 1272% APR
Representative Example
Amount borrowed: £250 for 3 months
Number of repayments: 3
Interest rate p/a: 292% (fixed)
Each repayment amount: £137.21
Total amount repayable: £411.63
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