Lender in Focus 14.5: Pounds Till Payday FAQ

pounds till payday faq

pounds till payday faq

Pounds till Payday are a provider of short to medium term cash loans. You may find that you need a short or medium-term unsecured loan of up to £1500, in which case Pounds Till Payday may be able to help.

At CashLady, we want to help you understand all aspects of financial lending, not just cash loans. Today we’re continuing our series on Pounds Till Payday, so we can help you understand everything you may need to know if you’re considering taking out a loan with them. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the advantages of taking out a loan with Pounds Till Payday.

How can I apply for a short term instalment loan with Pounds Till Payday?

Pounds Till Payday have an online loan application form, which you can fill out here. The online application form is quick and easy to fill out, and designed to make sure that Pounds Till Payday have all the information they need to approve you for a loan as quickly as possible.

Pounds Till Pocket will, of course, still need to decide whether you are eligible for a short term instalment loan with them. They will use certain information from you to make this decision.

The entire application process with Pounds Till Payday is online, so you don’t have to worry about having to queue or get to the bank before it closes. Simply fill out the online form, and wait to be approved.

What documents do I need to fill out an application form?

In order to apply for a loan with Pounds Till Payday, you need to first make sure that you have all the relevant documentation that you will need. They do not require a lot of information in order to complete your application, and typically all the information can be provided online.

Lender in Focus 14.5: Pounds Till Payday FAQ

In a few cases, Pounds Till Payday will require a document from you in order to complete the application process – but this can be scanned and emailed to them in order to speed up the process.

All that’s required from you when taking out a Pounds Till Payday loan is;

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • You should be currently living in the United Kingdom
  • Be regularly employed, with a net income of at least £667
  • You need to receive your pay directly into your bank account

How much can I borrow with Pounds Till Payday?

When taking out a short term instalment loan with Pounds Till Payday, the maximum amount that you are able to borrow is £1500. This amount does vary between individuals, however. Your personal maximum amount will be based on your monthly expenses, net income and other financial factors.

It is important that you only take out as much as you feel comfortable repaying on each of the repayment dates. Entering into a short-term loan agreement should only be used in emergencies and not as a long-term financial solution.

What are the interest rates when I borrow from Pounds Till Payday?

Interest will accrue on your loan at a rate of 0.8 percent per day. Because of this, the total charge for taking out a loan with Pounds Till Payday will vary significantly depending on how you have borrowed and over what time period.

Lender in Focus 14.5: Pounds Till Payday FAQ

However, you will be able to see the total charge for the loan before you apply, so you’ll know how much you have to pay upfront – before any late fees that might occur.

If you need more information about Pounds Till Payday’s interest rates, you can visit their Rates page.

Pounds till Payday FAQ: How can I repay my loan?

When you take out a loan with Pounds Till Payday, you are taking out an instalment loan. This means that you repay the loan over a set amount of periods, that are predetermined before you agree to the loan.

On each of the agreed loan repayment dates, the agreed repayment amount will be deducted from your bank account. All you need to do is to ensure that you have the appropriate amount in your account on the day that the money is due to be taken.

How can I keep track of how much of my loan I have left to repay?

You can keep up to date on your account through Pounds Till Payday’s online portal. You can access this portal online at any time. Once you log into your account online, you’ll be able to see your credit limit and you can also submit a new loan request from here.

Lender in Focus 14.5: Pounds Till Payday FAQ

In your account, you’ll also be able to see any upcoming repayments that you will need to make. You can even update your personal information from this portal, which is helpful if you need to change your address or your bank details.

How will I know when my repayment dates are?

Pounds Till Payday will also keep you updated on when your repayment dates are. You need to set them up in your personal online account, but once that is done, Pounds Till Payday will give you both SMS and email alerts, telling you both the status of your loan, as well as the repayment dates.

Pounds Till Payday also have automated reminders that are delivered roughly three days before each of your repayments is due. They are SMS reminders that are delivered directly to your phone. This is to remind you that there will be a payment due so that you can ensure that you have enough money in your account to make the repayment in full and avoid any late fees.  

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