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Borrow from £80 to £500 online by filling our application form. We offer a safe online application and no hidden fees with a range of short-term small loan lenders to suit your needs.

small loans for any purpose

Discover small loans up to £500 with CashLady.

If you are looking for small payday loans from £80-£500, you have come to the right place!

At CashLady we offer small loans online that can be borrowed from 3-6 months. You can repay these loans early if prefer and usually at no additional cost. You may in fact save money if you repay your loan early as you will reduce the amount of interest accrued.

The important thing is you have the flexibility to choose the loan amount you wish to borrow and how long for.

What are Small Loans?

Small loans are a type of financial product that can help you out when you have an emergency situation and need quick, simple solution.

you need to be full-time employed to be considered for a payday loan

In a cash emergency, you often need a small cash loan to tide you over. This usually means you don’t want a huge debt to pay off over a long period of time.

You can apply now for a small loan online and by filling our application form and you will receive a quick decision from a lender that will run further checks and if approved, hopefully they can transfer your funds the same day.

There is no paperwork to print off, fill in or post off, you can make your small loan application completely online via desktop, mobile or tablet.

CashLady small loans can be used for any purpose.

When would you use a small loan

A small cash loan is designed to help with short-term cashflow issues.

Since they normally consist of a few hundred pounds only last a few weeks or months, they are ideal for solving cash problems and emergency expenses.

Examples of this could include:

  • Paying urgent bills
  • Medical treatment
  • Funerals expenses
  • Car repairs
  • Home improvements

Or perhaps you have had something stolen and you need to replace it sooner than your insurers can provide the compensation.

Small loans can help with a variety of short-term cashflow issues

Saving for emergencies can be very challenging, especially when we don’t see them coming.

The MoneyAdviceService recommends saving at least 3 month’s worth of salary.

This can be hard to do with expensive living costs.

By getting short term finance, you can resolve the issue and then repay the loan (plus any interest) once you have been paid by your employer.

One of the other advantages of a small loan is that you have no reason to risk losing anything as collateral or have the asset tied up with a loan for a long period.

Am I eligible?

You should meet certain requirement to be eligable for a small loan

Applicants need to be over 18 years of age and a UK resident. It is essential that customers are employed, either full-time or part-time. Normally earning at least £500 per month as this means this will be able to repay their loan and not fall into debt.

Online small loans through CashLady are straightforward as you begin with a simple online application form.

Applicants must have a working email address and mobile phone number. This will ensure you can be contacted and also sign the loan agreement upon approval.

Customers must have a working debit account to receive payments into their account. Collections can then be made by the lender using a system known as continuous payment authority.

Types of small cash loans

Payday loans

Small payday loans are normally borrowed up to a month and the entire amount is then repaid in one single instalment.

The interest charged is normally around £24 for every £100 that you borrow (this varies depending on the lender you take the loan with).

You can borrow anywhere from £80 to £500 as a new borrower but this credit limit is often increased for repeat customers and those that have higher levels of income.

If there is a chance you’ll miss the repayment date it may make more sense to opt for a longer term loan. Avoid the interest and charges involved in rolling over or extending.

Payday loans online are often quicker to process and approve as there is less manual involvement if your application is completed correctly and you have a good credit profile

In this article CashLady takes closer a look at the small loans alternatives

Small personal loans

Personal loans can be borrowed over longer periods and often last between three and 24 months. This type of small loan allows more time to repay the full amount.

This can make it easier to manage your monthly repayments and make sure that none are missed.

Personal loans of this nature can be more expensive than a traditional payday loan product because the money is borrowed over a longer period.

Even though the interest paid can be much smaller, the longer loan period can mean the overall cost of borrowing increases.

Small personal loans are usually repaid within 3 to 24 months

However, there is usually less of a risk of missing payments and incurring unnecessary charges because the monthly loan repayments are generally lower.

Many personal loans are not subject to the same rules and price caps as payday loan providers, meaning they could charge more than double the value of the original loan.

Line of credit loans

The line of credit option is probably the most versatile type of fast cash loan as you can control how much you borrow and pay interest off at any time.

Essentially, you are offered a line of credit up to a certain limit and within that limit, you can borrow what you need and repay when you don’t need it anymore.

A line of credit is charged on a daily basis so if you don’t use it then there’s nothing to pay. It’s great for when you need a small loan, fast. Often a better alternative to being charged for going over your overdraft limit, for example.

Guarantor loans

When you need a slightly larger loan, a guarantor loan can be a helpful tool.

A guarantor is usually a family member or a close friend/ relative and can help you by guaranteeing the loan repayments will be met if you are unable to.

You can usually borrow a small guarantor loan from £1,000 to £5,000 and repay over a period of time that works for you.

To increase your chances of loan approval, your guarantor should be a homeowner with a good credit rating. This means that they are likely to be able to cover your outstanding balance. A guarantor loan is particularly useful for those who don’t have a great credit rating.

How to apply for a small cash loan with CashLady

Our quick online application process is completely online and takes around 3 minutes to apply

Small payday loans are designed for when you need cash in an emergency and therefore, the online application process is very important.

We ask a few basic questions including your name, address, employment status and bank details in an online form.

As a technology company, we will process your application and show it to a panel of small loan providers. We select the lenders most likely to accept your application.

Rather than applying with lots of lenders, we can actually speed up the process and help you find the right lender.

We are very strict with the lenders that we work with. We only work with those that follow responsible lending guidelines. All our lenders are regulated by the FCA and have a commitment to treating customers fairly.

When applying for small loans, it is important to remember we only work with FCA authorised lenders

You will never be charged any upfront fees, all of the information you provide will be secure and it will not be passed onto any third party marketing companies.

Once you have been matched with the best lender for you, you will be offered a loan agreement. The agreement will detail the terms of the deal.

The lender should be able to transfer your funds to your account anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days.

Apply for Small Loans from £80 to £2000

Small loans come in various shapes and forms. CashLady can help facilitates the following typical range of small loans online:

Loan Type Typical Loan Amount Range
Small Loans UK £80-£2000
Small Online Loans £80-£500
Small Loans for Bad Credit £80-£500
Small Personal Loans £80-£2000
Quick Small Loans £80-£500

Small Loans - Summary

Small cash loans should never be considered as a long term solution.

Everybody has cash emergencies from time to time and if you do not have sufficient funds, or have family or friends able to help you out, then applying online for a small payday loan could be an appropriate course of action.

If you are applying for a cash loan online, make sure you don’t rush your application and input your personal details incorrectly. This could delay or even worse, automatically decline your loan application when the lender may have said yes.

It is also important that small cash loans are only used to cover immediate, unforeseen expenses and not to use the money on more frivolous purchases.

Small cash loans should never be considered as a long term solution

If you are looking for small loans online and don’t know which lender is right for you, you can read our informative guides section or, simply go to the apply page now and complete your online application to see if you are accepted by one of our specialist lenders.

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