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Earning a little extra income with a second job or side hustle can help you to get your finances where you want them. Side gigs have become very popular among UK workers, with as many as 46% of British people making a second income.

If you’re looking for the most popular second jobs, consider the following suggestions. They might be just what you need to generate some extra cash and start making your financial goals a reality.

List of the best second jobs

The following side hustles could be worth considering, to help you earn that extra income you may need.

Food delivery driver

Food delivery apps have grown into a cultural phenomenon in recent years. They also present an opportunity to earn, with drivers or riders having the flexibility to choose their hours. When you have some spare time, deliver some food and make some cash – work as little or as much as you want.

You don't need any education or experience – you will need a vehicle and the certification to drive it (a bicycle may be all you need). The earning potential ranges from around £7-14 per hour.

Selling items online

Consumers are always looking for an opportunity to save on goods, even if it means getting things second-hand. This has given rise to a number of online marketplaces that provide an opportunity for a side hustle.

If you have any items you no longer need, why not consider selling them online for some extra income? There is a market for all types of items, including toys, furniture, clothes and much, much more. Even your university textbooks could fetch a price from the right buyer.

Some people even make this process more lucrative by finding bargains out in the real world and selling the items for a profit online. It takes work, but this can be one of the best second jobs for extra income. It takes no kind of education or experience and the flexibility is very high. The income depends on the items you have to sell.

Online writing

If writing is something that comes naturally to you, there are opportunities online to turn that into a second job. You could:

  • work as a freelancer producing articles for other companies through freelance marketplaces,
  • write and manage your own blog,
  • work as a proofreader,
  • write short stories or non-fiction ebooks.

It may surprise you how many online marketplaces exist where clients search for talented writers. And if you manage to grow your own blog, you can earn money from advertising, affiliate marketing and more. The earnings potential is high and the schedule is flexible, though it does take a lot of work to establish yourself and you will need to be a good writer. Experience helps if you want to land higher-paying gigs.

Dog walking

If you’re a dog lover, taking other people’s dogs for a walk won’t even feel like work. Many will tell you it’s one of the best side jobs for extra income. There are websites where you can create a profile to register as a dog walker for your local area and start hunting for nearby folks who need a dog walker. Once you establish yourself a little, the work will just come to you.

No education or experience is needed, but dog owners tend to like other 'dog people'. The flexibility is high and you may be able to earn an extra £9,200 a year according to research.

Paid surveys

While this won’t make you rich anytime soon, there is potential to earn some extra cash by filling out surveys online. You will just be sharing your opinions with different companies that are conducting market research. There are various websites through which you can find these surveys and it’s easy to sign up and start earning.

This work offers plenty of flexibility and requires no skills or experience. The income varies depending on how many surveys you take, but don’t expect to be raking in money.

Graphic design

Similar to being an online writer, you could put your graphic design skills to use as a freelancer to earn some extra money. It can help to specialise in a certain element of graphic design, for example logo design, to target a more specific type of client. Many online freelance job boards post graphic design projects alongside writing projects and other types of work.

There is good money to earn but it takes design experience and skill, as well as some specialist software to have a realistic chance of succeeding. It is another highly flexible option too.

Online tutoring

If you are skilled and/or well-educated in a certain subject, one of the best second jobs available to you is online tutoring. Students who need additional support nowadays tend to look online. Your knowledge, skill and/or experience in your specialist subject could make you highly sought-after as a tutor. And you can impart knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Again, there is plenty of potential for earnings if you take this route. Of course, you will need to be highly educated in your specialist field and students will want to see what you have to offer them. The flexibility is moderate because you will need to fit around students’ schedules and stick to a timetable.

Virtual assistant

Entrepreneurs are launching businesses every day and many need help with things like admin to keep things ticking over. These people may be looking for virtual assistants. If you landed this as a side role, you would be helping with things like:

  • Scheduling
  • Phone calls
  • Bookwork
  • Correspondence

A little experience may be preferable, but not absolutely necessary. It will be moderately flexible, as you will be required to work certain hours each day. but you can do the work from anywhere. According to indeed.com, the average salary for a virtual assistant is £11.84 per hour, so the income could be very helpful.

Finding the best second jobs for you

The things that will help you zero in on the most suitable side hustle include your availability, your skills/experience and the amount of money you need. The extra income you get can be used to fund other pursuits or put towards investing or saving for something big.

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