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If you want to find out more about Cash Lady, this is the section for you. Use the shortcuts below to jump to our Frequently Asked Questions, which should answer most of your queries, or find out how to contact us if you've got a further question or are just looking for some help applying.

Frequently Asked Questions - CashLady

Am I eligible to apply?

Applying for a cash loan make sure you suit the eligibility crireria set up by lenders

If you’re 18 or over, employed with a regular income and a UK resident with a UK bank account, yes you can.

Is CashLady for women only?

No, It’s exactly the same for men and women.

Is CashLady a lender or a broker?

We’re a licensed, FCA regulated, broker. We will never take a fee from our customers and we only work with lenders directly - so nobody else will. This is our commitment to you.

How do we get paid?

As an FCA regulated credit broker, we do not attempt to take money from you at any point, no matter what. We get paid by lenders for sending customers, so we don’t try to get money from you as well at any point.

How do I apply?

Go to our application page, fill in your details (including your home, work, monthly income and regular expenses along with your banking details) and we’ll automatically forward your application to the lenders we work with. If you’re accepted by one of them, we’ll send you the details (and forward you to their website) so you can seamlessly complete the application directly with them.

Why is the APR so high?

Because a short-term loan is generally for a lot less than a year, the annual percentage rate is very high. This can be confusing at times, but it’s worth looking carefully at the costs of any loans you are offered. See our Charges page for more.

How long does it take the money to come through?

It varies between lenders and can be as little as ten minutes or as much as a few days. Even the lenders that take the longest often have an optional same-day or same-hour charge if you want the money faster.

Depending on a payday loans lender you can get money in ten minutes or in a few days

How do I set up repayment?

Each lender will have their own repayment policy which you will be able to review before you accept any offers from them. While they vary, most lenders will usually set up repayment to be made automatically using your bank details. Some lenders will also use continuous payment authority.

What is continuous payment authority?

If repayment is automatically set up, the lender will attempt to withdraw the repayment amount on the date you agree with them. If the cash is not in the account when they try to do this, continuous payment authority allows them to make a limited number of repeat attempts to see if the money is there at a later point. Continuous payment authority can be cancelled by contacting the lender or your bank, although it is recommended that you make alternative payment arrangements.

Can I cancel/repay early?

Each lender will have their own cancellation policy and you will need to contact them directly to cancel. If the loan has already been taken out, you will need to pay the interest for the amount of time that the loan has been active for. Some lenders charge interest on a per-day basis, whereas others will charge a flat rate for the month, so in some cases, it may not save you any money.

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We specialise in financial products and work with some of the biggest lenders in the UK and worldwide. We are one of the biggest, and most successful, payday loan brokers in the UK.

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