Compare Payday Lenders

We've done the hard work and compiled a list of all the UK Payday lenders in an easy to read table.

Here are just a selection of the lenders that we compare

We have compiled a list of popular, reputable lenders who are FCA regulated and can provide a payday loan solution depending on circumstances. These lenders have been carefully vetted and we have a long standing working relationship with all of them. Before choosing a lender that is right for you, make sure you can afford repayment. The table below compares lenders by loan term, APR, amounts and repayment for £100. The lenders listed are sorted by repayment amount for £100 borrowed, lowest amount first. Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

LenderLoan AmountLoan TermRepayment for £100
SafetyNet Credit logoMinimum 100 Maximum 500Minimum Term No Min. Maximum Term No Max.0.8% per day

Representative APR


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Pounds to Pocket LogoMinimum 200 Maximum 2000Minimum Term 6 Months Maximum Term 12 Months£111.67

Representative APR


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QuickQuid LogoMinimum 200 Maximum 2000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 3 Months£124

Representative APR


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Mr LenderMinimum 100 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 6 Months£124

Representative APR


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Payday UKMinimum 100 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 15 Days Maximum Term 5 Months£124

Representative APR


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Pixie LoansMinimum 150 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 3 Months£124

Representative APR


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MyJarMinimum 100 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 12 Months£124

Representative APR


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Payday ExpressMinimum 100 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 15 Days Maximum Term 5 Months£124

Representative APR


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Lending StreamMinimum 50 Maximum 1500Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 6 Months£124

Representative APR


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Wageday AdvanceMinimum 80 Maximum 750Minimum Term 21 Days Maximum Term 57 Days£124

Representative APR


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Satsuma LoansMinimum 100 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 13 Weeks Maximum Term 52 Weeks£143.1

Representative APR


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118 Money LogoMinimum 100 Maximum 5000Minimum Term 12 Months Maximum Term 24 Months£124

Representative APR


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Ferratum Lender logoMinimum 50 Maximum 500Minimum Term 7 days Maximum Term 4 months£124

Representative APR


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CashFloat LogoMinimum 200 Maximum 1100Minimum Term 13 Weeks Maximum Term 52 Weeks£122

Representative APR


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Pounds till payday logoMinimum 150 Maximum 1000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 2 Months£124

Representative APR


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The Money Shop LogoMinimum 80 Maximum 2000Minimum Term 1 Month Maximum Term 6 Months£124

Representative APR


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Unsure about payday loans?

Should I Take a Payday Loan?

Have you exhausted other less expensive forms of credit? Do you need the money for emergency? Can you afford to repay your loan on time?
You need to make an informative, responsible decision. Comparing payday loans helps you become aware all the pros and cons of payday loans from different lenders and allow you to make a better decision.

Comparing payday loans – what you need to know

It’s always good to know before you apply. Compare the cost per 100 borrow and see if there are extra fees. Make your budget calculations and make sure you can afford your loan repayments.
We have also built a calculator for this purpose which will allow you to calculate your monthly residual income.

Compare payday loans UK Lenders – Why CashLady?

Our reviews are through and in-depth. We have known our lenders and have long lasting relationship with most. We will make sure you get a good deal from our lenders and that there will be no unwarranted fees.
When you apply with us you will get the intended product and nothing else.

Should I look at Payday loans comparison for direct lenders only?

If you must apply directly with a lender, then yes. We act as a broker and allow you to apply with us so you only must fill one form that goes to our panel of lenders one at a time until a match is found.
Consequently, there are advantages of applying through us rather than going to a direct lender. We charge no fee for our service and you will not pay extra to the lender as well. We receive commission from our lenders for every lead we present to them, regardless of the outcome.

How to compare payday loans for bad credit

Payday loans are a subprime product. Often lenders who provide payday loans can cater those with bad credit history. It almost always depends on you circumstances and loan affordability. Lenders will not be able to tell you in advance whether they can accept you or not.  You must go through the application process which checks many things.
You can use this comparison table as a general guideline.  It will be hard to tell in advance which lender will be able to suit your specific circumstances. Applying with us will send your application to several lenders to find a lender that can potentially approve your loan.

Compare payday loans with no credit check?

Comparing online is fine. If you make an application, please be aware that lenders cannot guarantee this. Most likely your lender will still resort to some form of credit check to make sure you can afford the loan. The check could even leave a credit search footprint on your record.

Commonly Asked Payday Loan Questions

Lender Comparison

  • Can I Compare payday loans on Moneysupermarket or Go Compare?
    At this time, Moneysupermarket and Gocompare DO NOT offer a payday loan comparison service. You can compare payday loans on some other comparison sites (such as this one).
  • Why are payday loans so expensive? (APR, etc.)
    Payday loans are usually small amounts of cash borrowed for relatively short periods of time. Thy carry high risk from a lender point of view and are priced accordingly.
    Always remember that payday loans are an expensive form of credit and should not be used repetitively. They are only meant to cover short term cash emergencies.
    Most people see the APR figures which can be very intimidating. The APR usually represents 0.8% per day which is the legal cap. If borrowed for short periods it can be less intimidating.
    High cost short term credit is also capped at 100% of the amount borrowed. If you borrow 100 your charges and fees will never exceed 100.
  • Can I trust payday lenders?
    If the lender is FCA authorised, is a long standing lender and is experienced in lending, the answer is yes in our opinion. We have been working in this industry for nearly a decade now. We know the lenders in our panel to be trustworthy and reputable.
  • How long can I borrow a payday loan for?
    Most payday lenders allow up to 6 months of borrowing now.
  • How does payday loan repayment work?
    Repayment is usually taken automatically using direct debit on your pay day. When you sign a loan agreement online you also set the agreed repayment date/s with your lender.
    Every lender has their own repayment policy when issuing loans up to 6 months. Some will need most repayments to happen sooner than later. Others spread it more evenly or defer the bulk payments. The total cost of the loan will vary accordingly. Most will allow early repayment but there could be a minimum period you must borrow the money for. Thus, is it so important to compare the lenders repayment schedules to see how much you must pay in the end.
  • How well known is the lender and are they trust worthy?
    Does the lender have any special requirements (e.g. require a guarantor or other collateral)?
    It also depends what is your reason for comparing. If you are looking for the best deal than comparison sites will show you what’s on offer.
    Other websites let you fill in one from that goes to all lenders in one go. These websites offer you a wider range of lenders and most likely better acceptance rates.  This is because one application goes to several lenders until a match found.
  • How to compare payday loans?
    There are several ways of comparing payday loans. The best one is to go to comparison sites and review what the lenders offer.
    Things you need to look at:
    What is their APR
    Cost per 100 borrowed
    Cost per day (usually 0.8% per day)
    Default charges if any
    Other charges