Beauty on a Budget: 6 Easy Hairstyles to transform your look.

Beauty on a Budget: 6 Easy Hairstyles to transform your look.
Stacey Corrin

6 Easy Hairstyles to transform your look

We are all guilty of sticking with the same hairstyle, day in, day out. Many of us just want easy hairstyles that we can do every day, without too much hassle or the expense of going to a salon.

Here at CashLady short term loans, we have found some easy hairstyles that you can achieve with very little difficulty. Whether you are looking for an up do for a casual lunch or a classic style for an evening out, we have got it covered.

Easy hairstyles: the messy bun


The Messy Bun updo

Credit: Marie Claire

One of the simplest hairstyles out there is the messy bun.

Although it is ‘messy’, it can help to make you look très chic. It is the queen of easy hairstyles, perfect to do first thing in the morning when you are rushing out of the door to work or for the school run.

The Marie Claire website has some great instructions for this style. Basically, you will need to pull your hair into a high ponytail, then wrap your hair into a bun. You can secure your bun with either a clear elastic band or with hair pins.

Pull out bits of hair to make the look less ‘polished’.

The Marie Claire version of the messy bun involves wearing an elastic headband, which we think looks great. If you are going for this style, take a pencil and gently push it under the section of your hair between your bun and the headband, then lift the pencil upwards to create some volume.

Half-up, half-down

half up half down

Credit: Marie Claire

This is a great look if you want to give your hair the ‘styled’ look but still, want to leave it down.

Again, the Marie Claire website has some great instructions on how to do a more ‘grown-up’ version of this classic style.Just pull the front parts of your hair back, as you would with a classic half-up, half down style and secure your hair with a clear hairband. Then, create a little hole above your half ponytail and loop your ponytail through it.

This style is casual enough for a day out shopping but the twist means that it also looks great with a little black dress in the evening.

The five-minute party updo

5 Minute Party Updo

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

If you want easy hairstyles, this one from A Beautiful Mess is a great choice.

All you will need is a headband.

Simply wrap small sections of your hair around the headband, then secure with hair grips.

This is a super elegant style that would look at home at any stylish event, especially with a glitzy headband. To make it more of a ‘day’ style, just pick a headband with less sparkle (or not!).

Easy hairstyles: Overnight no-heat curls

No Heat Curls

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

When it comes to hair, many of us want what we do not have. Many curly-haired women spend their time coaxing their hair into straight, sleek looks with straightening irons, whereas the opposite is true for those of us with straight hair – we want the curls.

Using hot curling wands on our hair is not only time-consuming but can also damage our locks.

A Beautiful Mess has come up with a great way to create an easy hairstyle of wonderful curls while you sleep – with no curling tongs needed.

First, you will need to towel dry your hair and brush out any knots. Then place a headband on top of your hair and wrap small sections of your hair around the band, until all of your hair is in place. If you are worried about things moving, you can secure your hair with hair grips.

When you wake up, simply unwrap the curls and voila – beautiful, natural-looking curly hair. If you are worried about the curls falling out, you could give them a bit of extra hold with some hairspray.

No fuss faux fishtail

Faux Fishtail

Credit: Beautiful Mess

In recent years, plaits have really come back into fashion, giving those of us with a lack of plaiting skills (so most of us) a bit of a dilemma. Can we achieve the plaited look without the effort?
Fishtail plaits can be particularly tricky, so we were pretty impressed with the simplicity of this style on A Beautiful Mess.

By twisting small sections of your hair and tying them together in small ponytails, then looping your hair back through them, you can achieve the fishtail plait look without the effort or skill.

Sounds good to us!

‘Bubble bun’

A bubble bun, otherwise known as a fan bun, is one of those easy hairstyles that is perfect for those of us with thin hair, who want to make it look like we have more.

This hairstyle can easily be done within 2 minutes, as shown in this YouTube tutorial, so is an excellent choice if you do not have much time to style your hair.

This style is also good because it does not matter if it gets a bit messy during the day – any bits of hair sticking out just add to the ‘look’.

First, you will need to pull your hair into a high ponytail. Then get another hairband and make a second ponytail. Fan this out a bit.

Then make a hole just behind your first ponytail (next to your head) and pull your ponytail through it, from the underneath and then out the top, ensuring your second ponytail does not go through, too.

Fan out your bun and then take your ends and wrap them around your hairband, pinning them in place with hair grips.


Styling your hair does not have to be time-consuming or require an expensive trip to the salon.

Whether you are going to work or going for a night out with the girls, there are some really easy hairstyles out there that only take minutes of your time to achieve.

Blogs with illustrated instructions and YouTube videos mean that we are only minutes away from learning how to style our hair in multiple different, easy hairstyles. Why save yourself a trip to the salon and give it a go?

Beauty on a Budget: 6 Easy Hairstyles to transform your look.

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