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We quizzed Gen-Z to find out what they’re really thinking when it comes to having children in the future, and how much their decision is impacted by financial factors.

See the results of the survey below.

Our survey data discovered that 46% of Gen-zers don’t plan on having kids, compared to just 37% who do and 17% who are undecided.

Over half of those in Generation Z cited that the rising cost of living is one of the key factors making them too concerned to have children. Half of the participants were also worried that they’d never be financially secure enough to have children.

Statement Percentage of agreement
The cost of living makes me concerned to have children 53%
I worry that I’ll never be financially secure enough to have children 50%
I would rather spend money on myself than on children 50%

When asked why they didn’t want children, the environmental impact ranked as the top reason, with over two-fifths admitting that they’re concerned about this. Other worries included the responsibility involved with having children and wanting to spend time on themselves rather than kids.

Statement Percentage of agreement
I have concerns about the environmental impact of having children 43%
I worry about the responsibility involved with having children 39%
I want to spend time on myself rather than children 37%
I want to spend money on myself instead 33%
I don’t like children 20%

A third of Gen-Z also admitted that they would like to spend their money on themselves rather than on raising a family and out of this cohort most would rather spend money on their image, entertainment and travel over factors such as buying a house or a car.

What would you prefer to spend your money on instead of raising children? Rank
Image (clothes, beauty treatments, make-up) 1
Entertainment (Nights out, day trips, eating out) 2
Holidays and Travel =3
Homeware and Garden Furniture =3
A car 4
A house 5

Commenting on the findings, our Personal Finance Expert, Paul Wilson, said:

“It’s a true sign of the times to see that fewer Gen-Zers are planning on having children than those that are. And in the modern world, all of the reasons given through this research are completely understandable.”

“The fact that most young people have numerous financial concerns about having children, many of which are putting them off the idea entirely, is a real shame. The cost of living, particularly for renters, is higher than ever, so it’s no surprise that Gen-Z don’t feel that they can fund a little one when it’s a struggle to fund themselves in the current landscape as it is!”

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