Secret Santa 2016 – 25 fun ideas

Secret Santa 2016 – 25 fun ideas
December 9, 2016 Cheryl Lewis
Secret Santa 2016

In workplaces across the country, the Secret Santa emails are flying into inboxes. This tradition is also popular outside the workplace, with families that want to keep the cost of Christmas down.

Secret Santa involves giving a small gift to one other person. Usually, participants must work with a limited budget.

Here are 25 fun ideas for Secret Santa 2016, all costing less than £10.

Secret Santa gifts for everyone

Peel the Sprout

One for the office party. The Peel the Sprout game is the festive equivalent of childhood favourite Pass the Parcel.

Inside each layer, you’ll find a cracker toy, paper hat or joke.

Hot Cookie Cup Warmer

For someone that is always distracted, and never manages to finish their morning cup of coffee.

This Oreo cookie shaped cup warmer is powered by USB, keeping mugs of tea, coffee and hot chocolate at the perfect drinking temperature.


Star Wars fans can now own their very own lightsaber for less than £10. It even includes sound effects! A very impressive gift for Secret Santa 2016.

Desktop Drums

The gift that keeps on giving. Desktop Drums aren’t just for Secret Santa day. They can be enjoyed again and again, much to the delight of anyone within earshot.

Pet Baked Bean

A novelty gift that serves no purpose at all.

This Pet Baked Bean apparently goes by the name of Billy and is one of the cheapest Christmas gifts that you could possibly find this year. He’s sure to raise a smile, though.

Secret Santa 2016 gifts for women

Secret Santa 2016 gifts for women

Flower Grenade

Budding gardeners will have fun with the Flower Grenade. It contains a selection of wildflower seeds, within a clay grenade that will dissolve in the rain.

Hurrah for Gin Book

By Katie Kirby, this book is created for parents. Hurrah for Gin is a hilariously relatable insight into life with children when those children turn out to be (as Kirby puts it) ‘NOT like the ones you see in Boden catalogues’.

Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

Nobody wants to receive brussels sprouts as their Secret Santa gift. But, when they’re in their chocolate form they are sure to be well-received. Chocolate Brussels Sprouts are a mix of milk and white chocolate, with green colouring for a more realistic look.

These are an easy choice. A suitable gift even for people that you don’t know particularly well.

Penguin Float Bath Game

Baths are relaxing but can be very boring. That’s why this present is one that your Secret Santa partner would love to receive.   The Penguin Float Bath Game requires the player to stack as many penguins as possible. A nice break from staring at the ceiling.

Cocktail Shots Bubble Bath

Bottles of alcohol aren’t the most interesting Secret Santa gift. Bottles of bubble bath might not be much fun, either.

Combining the two into Cocktail Shots Bubble Bath is a much better idea. Four test tubes, each containing bubble bath with a different cocktail scent.

Candy Cane Dog Antlers

For the dedicated dog owner with the pampered pup, these Candy Cane Dog Antlers are fun gifts for all but the largest dogs.

If you’re paired with someone that loves to share stories about their pet’s adventures, then buying a gift for their dog is almost certain to spread festive cheer.

Colour In Passport Cover

Frequent travellers can now spend some time colouring their passport cover, whilst waiting to board their plane.

The Colour In Passport Cover is perhaps the perfect Secret Santa gift for a colleague that is always jetting off to faraway business meetings.

Underwater Disco Lightshow

A disco ball for the bath. The Underwater Disco Lightshow is a waterproof disco light that will be fun to receive for Secret Santa 2016.

Scented Key Covers

Fun cheap Christmas gifts, these Scented Key Covers smell like cola and strawberry Chupa Chups lollies. They’re a great novelty item that could even be paired with some real sweets.

Magic Sakura Tree

The Magic Sakura Tree is a little paper tree that you unfold and water. This miniature cherry blossom tree will grow its pink blossom within hours, and last for up to a month, making it the perfect Secret Santa gift to brighten those dreary January mornings.

Secret Santa 2016 gifts for men

Secret santa 2016 gifts for men

Musical Tie

Give someone the gift of the perfect office party accessory, with a musical tie that plays Jingle Bells. There are Santa, Rudolph and snowman options. You don’t get to choose which, but that probably isn’t important.

Junk Food Skip

For workplace snacking, the Junk Food Skip is the perfect balance of fun and practical.

Baldy Buffer

The Baldy Buffer is one of those cheap Christmas gifts best given to a friend or family member.

If you are lucky enough to be paired with someone that is lacking in the hair department, and if you feel comfortable around them, then this novelty gift is a good one.


Pull-back-and-go erasers, coming in a pack of two. E-Racers are perfect for office fun and disguised as a very practical present.

Butt Head Ball Game

An excellent distraction from the work you should actually be doing, the Butt Head Ball Game is a Secret Santa gift that probably won’t be taken away from the office.

Perfect for across-the-desk games at lunchtime.

Build Your Own Robot

There are 36 pieces to this Build Your Own Robot kit. They don’t all need to be used at once, which means that the fun isn’t over once the first robot is built.

Instant Air Hockey

An Instant Air Hockey game for the lucky recipient to enjoy at any table. The kit comes with all the essentials for less than £10.

Extreme Heat Mini Bottles

Four miniature bottles of hot sauce. The Extreme Heat Mini Bottles are cheap Christmas gifts and a challenge that’s almost impossible to resist.

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies

The World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies really work and are the ideal Secret Santa gift for a friend that sits just a little too far away.

Gummy Bacon Rashers

This novelty Christmas gift is a box of five bacon rashers, without any actual bacon. Instead, give someone the gift of bacon-flavoured gummy sweets.

The Gummy Bacon Rashers are an interesting gift for Secret Santa 2016.