14 Personal Finance Apps to Keep your Spending in Check

14 Personal Finance Apps to Keep your Spending in Check
September 4, 2018 Stacey Corrin

14 Personal Finance Apps to Keep your Spending in Check

Finding the right personal finance apps to stay on top of your budget can be difficult. But if you have financial worries, it can be all the more challenging.

Organising your finances is the key to taming the beast. At Cashlady, we not just about helping people with quick loans so we want to give you all the weapons you will need to win this fight, so here are fourteen of the best personal finance apps in the UK to help you sleep easier at night.

Money Dashboard: UK Personal Finance App

#1 Money Dashboard: One of the UK’s Best Personal Finance Apps

Free. Android, iOS.

Money Dashboard is one of the most popular personal finance apps for managing your budget in the UK. Once you get started by adding your accounts, you will be able to see all your financial information in one clear overview.

Not only can you see your incomings and outgoings, you can also put your spending into categories. By viewing your habits over six months, you will have a better idea of where those extra pounds are going.

While you can’t move money around, a few tweaks to your spending could identify areas to save money. Perhaps you could ditch those morning coffees.

Loot: Budgeting App

#2 Loot: Your Digital Current Account

Free. Android, iOS.

Loot is a useful personal finance app that is for people who need guidance with their finances. It combines a smart app with a prepaid Master Card offering insights into your spending.

Loot’s personalised features include the ability to set long-term savings goals, as well as a daily budget setting. Along with its graphics and charts, it’s a great way to ensure you don’t overspend.

Squirrel: Personal Finance Apps

#3 Squirrel: Never go Over your Budget Again

£3.99 per month. Android, iOS.

Squirrel is the perfect tool if you struggle to stay away from dipping into your overdraft. The app divides your income into weekly payments. A portion is also reserved for your savings each month, while your bills will always be paid. Every week you will be given an allowance, which you can set to your personal preference.

Your Squirrel account is run through Barclays and while you won’t earn any interest with this app, it’s a super disciplined way to get a handle on your finances.

Spendee: UK Personal Finance app

#4 Spendee: Money Manager and Budget Planner

Free or £1.60 a month. iOS, Android.

Spendee is a nice little budgeting app for everyone.  With its ability to work with different currencies it’s a star choice for avid travellers while proving to be a hit for people with joint accounts since you can sign up with other people in your household.

Spendee has everything you would expect to find with a personal finance app. You can categorise your spending and set specific notifications. What else could you want to keep your spending in check?

Cleo: Best Personal Finance apps

#5 Cleo: An Intelligent Assistant for your Money

Free. iOS, Android.

Cleo is less like a personal finance app and more like a friendly reminder in your pocket. Cleo uses artificial intelligence to connect to your accounts and help you manage your money. You can ask the AI questions about your spending and it will provide you with helpful assistance including ways you could cut costs and even find alternatives for things such as utilities.

You can connect to Cleo via Text, Facebook Messenger, Alexa and Google Assistant, which provides handy access on the go. While you can’t use this app for your typical banking needs, it can be a useful tool for setting budgets and creating savings targets.

Moneybox: Budgeting App

#6 Moneybox: Invest your Spare Change

Free. Android, iOS.

The Moneybox App is a smart way for you to enter the world of investments. It works by rounding up your everyday purchases via a bank card of your choice and putting the spare change into a stocks and shares ISA.

When you register, you will set up a direct debit for your method of investing and choose from three options for your investment – cautious, balanced and adventurous. A minimum of £1 is needed each month to invest.

In terms of safety, the app is authorised by the FCA and uses bank-level encryption software to ensure your personal details are safe.

Moneyfarm: Wealth Mangement App

#7 Moneyfarm: Wealth Management

Free. Android, iOS.

Moneyfarm aims to be a quick and cheaper way to create and keep track of your investment portfolio. You can open an account with only £1 and after a questionnaire, you will be placed into one of six investment options most suited to you.

While there are no fees up to £10,000, you will pay 0.6 per cent on investments between £10,001 and £100,000. Additionally, you will need to pay the underlying cost used to build your portfolio which is usually 0.25 per cent and which is taken from your investments.

As with Moneybox, Moneyfarm is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Chip: Personal Finance Apps

#8 Chip: What are you Saving for?

Free. Android, iOS.

Chip is a personal finance app that gathers information about your everyday spending using read-only access to your bank accounts. Without affecting your spending, it works out how much you can afford to save every few days.

Chip then sends this cash into a separate Barclays held account, slowly building up a pot of savings. You can pause the savings or choose to save less or more, easily, and if you wish to top up your savings you can manually add up to £100 per day.

Regulated by the FCA, any money would be separated off and held in the Barclays account if the company goes into administration.

PensionBee: Best Finance Apps

#9 PensionBee: Pensions Made Simple

Free. iOS, Android

Technically speaking, PensionBee isn’t an app, yet we’ve included it here because it’s optimised to be used on a mobile device. Aimed at people looking to take control of their savings for retirement, PensionBee helps you locate your various pensions pots and manages them for you all in one place.

By consolidating your different pension pots into one plan, you’re able to see the current size of your pot, what your retirement income might be and to set up regular payments into it. While PensionBee is free, there is a yearly fee of 0.5 – 0.7 per cent of your total pension.

SavingsGoals: Personal Finance Apps UK

#10 Savings Goals: Manage your Money Better

Free, iOS.

Savings Goals is one of a number of handy free personal finance apps with simple functionality. Regardless of what you’re saving for, this app helps you to set savings goals and to track your savings progress.

By simply entering your target amount, and the target date (which is optional), the app will then suggest a schedule and track your progress. There are no safety concerns to worry about with Savings Goals as you aren’t putting any money into it. However, you can set up an entry code to lock the app with.

Monzo: UK Personal Finance App

#11 Monzo: a New Kind of Bank

Free. Android, iOS.

Monzo is a bank account designed to be accessed and managed via a mobile app and it manages spending breakdowns and features to help with your budgeting, right within the banking app. Alongside, Monzo offers a pre-paid Mastercard which you can add cash to and spend as normal.

Monzo doesn’t offer everything you’d expect from a current account such as overdrafts, standing orders and direct debits – something they are looking into adding in the future. Yet, it automatically breaks your spending down into categories, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger to get a handle on your spending habits. What’s more, you can upload receipts to your purchases, keeping everything in one place.

Engage: Finance app

#12 Engage: The Alternative Bank Account

£4.95 min Charge at Credit Union. Apps Free. iOS, Android.

Somewhat similar to Monzo, Engage is another bank accounting app with no overdraft facility that on the plus side, comes with a Visa debit card, direct debits and faster payments. To sign up you need to visit a local credit union.

A great perk of Engage is it divides your savings into virtual envelopes, such as money for your bills and cash available to spend. Furthermore, you can claim cashback up to 15% with certain retailers when swiping your debit card.

Habito: Mortgage App

#13 Habito: Online UK Mortgage Broker

Free. Website.

Habito is less like a personal finance app and more like a digital mortgage advisor in the form of a helpful chatbot. By understanding your financial circumstances, they can get a wider picture of how these things can impact the type of mortgage that may be available to you.

Habito will then recommend a mortgage product and lender with all fees and additional costs factored in. Additionally, Habito’s recommendation takes into account the likelihood of the lender accepting your application, based on your affordability.

Fidelity: Investment App

#14 Fidelity: Investment Funds

Free. iOS, Android.

Fidelity is a UK personal finance app designed to track investments. You can view news about your investments and interests with your customizable news Feed.

You can also trade, manage your money, deposit checks, and pay bills. With Fidelity’s in-depth market research, you can stay ahead of the game. With push notifications you can customise, you will always stay up-to-date.

Best Personal Finance Apps Summary

Personal finance apps can come in many shapes and sizes. However, it can be difficult to decide which app is best suited to your individual needs. The UK personal finance apps we’ve covered today include:

  • Investment apps
  • Mortgage apps
  • Banking apps
  • Savings apps
  • Budgeting apps

All of these tools are available to assist you with your financial goals, whatever the situation, ensuring your personal finances are always in the best shape.

14 Personal Finance Apps to Keep your Spending in Check

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