Payday Lenders – Who do you choose?

Payday Lenders – Who do you choose?
March 5, 2018 Lauren Howells
Comparing Payday Lenders

At CashLady we’re always looking to add value and improve our service. We’re passionate about our customers and getting you a great deal. Our latest drive is to cover the market with reputable payday lenders we know and trust. By comparing lenders on your behalf, we’ll give you access to detailed information. So when you compare short term and payday lenders, you can make an informed choice.

You can find our payday lenders comparison pages or you can apply for payday finance right away.

Introducing Payday Lenders

The payday lenders we cover are long established and reputable. Most of our lenders have been working with us for 5 years or longer. Some lenders have been around for between 10 to 130 years.

What this means for you is they’re experienced enough to support you in whatever way you desire. Our service and technology will help you find a lender that matches your needs.

Focus on compliance & treating our customers well

Payday Lenders - Who do you choose?

Every lender we cover has passed our due diligence check and we track them on an ongoing basis. Our comparison pages detail the key differences between a specific lender and CashLady.

The main difference is that we act as a licensed credit broker and can help you find the right lender. We’re not a lender but can be a useful facilitator in finding one.

We think our role plays to our advantage. The long standing relationship with our lenders helps too. Our reputation for quality and fairness for customers means you could have a better chance of getting a loan through us. Our mission and focus is helping our customers find a short term loan. That’s what we do and we do it well!

We hope you find our lender comparison pages and related videos useful. Feel free to comment or tell us what your thoughts are around these reviews.

The first batch of lenders includes:

As always we recommend applying on CashLady first. By doing this you get the advantage of applying to all our lenders in one go. So why go anywhere else? Apply online with us – CashLady at your service. Click here to see new payday lenders in our panel.