What are the Best Paying Jobs in the UK

What are the Best Paying Jobs in the UK
September 29, 2017 Lauren Howells

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Do you have one of the best paying jobs in the UK? Many of us can only dream. Having a job that pays well can certainly make going to work every day that little bit easier. Have you ever wondered what the best paying UK jobs actually are? CashLady takes a closer look at the roles that could leave you rolling in money.


At the end of 2016, the Office for National Statistics released its data on earnings for the year.  

It will come as no surprise to many that one of the best paying UK jobs came out as being a pilot.  

Not only do pilots get to jet off around the world on a regular basis in their smart uniforms, they also get paid handsomely for it.

We can’t help but feel a little jealous.

However, in order to become a commercial pilot, you will need a licence and lots of flight time, which can cost you over £100,000.

Air traffic controllers also came out as one of the best paying jobs, making this industry seem like an attractive option for anyone looking to earn big bucks.

According to one source, competition is fierce to become an air traffic controller and fewer than 0.5% of applicants are successful each year. However, this role came out as number 2 in the Telegraph’s ‘best-paid jobs you can get without a university degree’ feature. 


According to the ONS data, this was the best-paid job in 2016.

With an average pre-tax pay of £133,868, this is definitely a role to consider if you are after the most money.

Chief executives

best paying uk jobs

Chief executives, rather unsurprisingly, also fared well.

According to the data, the average pay before tax for a chief executive was £123,577. 

Chief executives have to shoulder lots of responsibility and make some pretty major decisions. However, they do seem to be paid well for it.

Marketing and sales directors

Management seems to be the way to go if you are looking to bag one of the best paying UK jobs. Particularly in the sales and marketing parts of a company. 

IT and telecommunications and finance directors don’t come too much further down the list, making the ‘director’ title, in general, seem very attractive for those looking for a high salary.


You will need a degree, plus a few more years of studying and training to qualify as a lawyer in the UK but it seems that all that hard work does pay off.

The ONS data revealed that in-house lawyers were earning, on average £80,210 before tax.

Finance manager

Finance management came out as number 1 in Glassdoor’s 25 Best Jobs in the UK report.

This report took into account job satisfaction and the number of openings, as well as earning potential.

Although on face value this post may not look like one of the most exciting jobs, it certainly seems to be one of the best paying UK jobs, with the ONS data revealing an average yearly salary of £84,675 before tax.

Best paying jobs without a degree: construction manager

According to this article in the Telegraph, its the role of construction manager that comes out as the most well paid for those who do not have a degree. 

You could be earning more than £50,000 per year in this role. However, it does involve working outdoors, so it may not be for everyone.

For those who are handy, maintenance managers can be well paid (according to the same article they take an average salary of £38,625) and you do not necessarily need a university degree to be one. 

Best paying UK jobs for women

There is still a gender pay gap in many UK industries. 

According to this article, it seems that women should consider being IT and telecommunications directors if they want the best paying job.

Advertising and public relations directors came next on the list. This was followed by train and tram drivers. 


Some of the best paying UK jobs are those that do not necessarily require a degree. With a university education costing so much, it does make us question whether a degree is the best option for everyone.

However, money is not everything. Enjoying what you do for a living will help make your life much more pleasurable. If that happens to come with a big salary, so much the better.