Six Back to School Apps to Download Immediately

Six Back to School Apps to Download Immediately
August 22, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Six Back to School Apps to Download Immediately

From creating mind maps to saving files on the go and planning homework, there’s an abundance of back to school apps out there to download immediately.

While technology can undoubtedly provide an unwelcome distraction for young students, it’s also great at keeping them organised and engaged.

With all their study information held on one device, such as a mobile phone or tablet, they can opt to study whenever they please.

Here we look at six apps, including SimpleMind, Dropbox and MyHomework Student planner, that are all well worth downloading before the start of the new term.

The benefits of back to school apps

Compared to traditional textbooks, interactive apps are great for stimulating young minds.

Available in various formats, for different skill levels and all ages, apps support learning using a variety of teaching methods.

Through Q and A’s, video tutorials and educational games they can make learning fun and aid exam revision and planning assignments.

Many popular educational apps have seen millions of downloads from students keen to engage with them in their free time – away from the classroom.

A more exciting alternative to a textbook full of equations, an interactive app might offer the same questions but also provide extra advice on how to improve, which is more valuable to learning.

Using apps is simply a natural part of most children’s lifestyles. Allowing them to manage their own learning, they can test themselves any time of the day, whether it’s lunchtime or just before bed.

Back to school apps to download immediately

Below we look at the top six back to school apps to download right away, on both Android and iOS devices.

#1  SimpleMind+  (AndroidiOS) ( £3.99)

Mind maps are incredibly helpful when revising for tests or planning assignments.

SimpleMind+ is a mind-mapping tool that turns your mobile phone or tablet into a mind mapping device that effectively structures your thoughts.

Linking directly to Dropbox, your thoughts are easily saved. There are also heaps of handy visualisation tools to get started and see where your mind takes you.

No more scribbled bits of paper getting lost in your school bag, this keeps all your thoughts in one place and is easily accessed whenever you need them – wherever you are.

#2 SuperCard Flashcards (Android) or Flashcards+ (iOS)

Perfect for revision, use this app for creating virtual flashcards, instead of writing out old fashioned paper ones.

Using this app, you can add information to both sides of the flash cards, quiz yourself and highlight cards that contain tricky information that you should review more frequently.

Highly rated and perfect for studying, this is one app that you’ll not want to be without come exam time.

#3 Google Drive (AndroidiOS) and Dropbox (AndroidiOS)

Six Back to School Apps to Download Immediately

Sometimes you’ll need to take longer notes than flash cards allow and may also have essays to learn before entering an exam.

Both Dropbox and Google Drive are helpful cloud storage apps that provide plenty of space so that you can refer to your study notes and add to your assignments on the go.

If you didn’t type your notes, don’t worry, simply scan them in with a photo.

#4 MyHomework Student Planner (Android) or iStudiez (iOS)

Keeping track of various assignments, timetables, exam dates and deadlines are made much simpler using a student planning app.

Both of these versions look great, come highly rated and allow you to keep everything that you need in one device.

#5 EasyBib (Android, iOS)Six Back to School Apps to Download Immediately

One for slightly older students, this app works magic when it comes to recording citations in essays and assignments.

Simply scan the barcode on the back of your book and the citation is saved in a list with other books you’ve scanned.

#6 Headspace: Guided Meditation  (Android, iOS)

Students are under increasing amounts of pressure. Guided meditation is great for clearing the mind on a daily basis and can come in particularly useful during stressful situations, such as exam time.

Providing short guided meditations, this app is brilliant for helping improve mental health and reduce the symptoms of anxiety.