These 7 Pet Grooming Supplies are Pawesome

These 7 Pet Grooming Supplies are Pawesome
September 7, 2018 Lauren Howells

These 7 Pet Grooming Supplies are Pawesome

If you want to keep your furry friends healthy, clean and looking fabulous, pet grooming supplies are a must.

There is no need to head to the groomers to keep your pooch looking pristine. An ever-growing range of products enables us to save money and carry out our pets’ grooming routines at home. Plus, regular pooch-pampering can not only to help to keep your dog clean but it can also mean that you could spot skin conditions or unwanted pests that you may otherwise have missed.

As we head into autumn, now is the perfect time of year to spend some quality time with your furry family member. If you are looking for inspiration for what to buy, then look no further. We share our top 7 pet grooming supplies with you… 

#1 A personalised towel

OK, so maybe a personalised towel is not strictly an essential but having a towel for your pet’s use only, makes sense both practically and hygienically. 

This super absorbent towel from My Posh Paws is a great start to building your pup’s own pampering parlour in your home.

Available in two sizes and a range of colours, your dog’s name can be embroidered on the towel underneath two neat-looking paw prints. Pretty pawesome, we think.

#2 Fur No.3 Shampoo

Infused with lavender oil, this shampoo should hopefully leave your dog clean, relaxed and smelling wonderful in no time at all. If not, the relaxing qualities that lavender is known for may work on you, instead.  

#3 Duel sided dog grooming brush

For most dog owners, a dog grooming brush is an essential tool. Not only can it help to detangle any fur but it can also keep your dog’s coat looking shiny and healthy.

Use the side with the wooden pins to detangle knots and the side with the stiff bristles to smooth.

Many cats also need regular grooming. This Purr Paw cat brush claims to help to remove up to 90% of unwanted hair from your cat’s coat. As it comes in a gift box, you can also give it as a present to other pet parents.

chihuahua dog relaxing and lying, in spa wellness center ,wearing a bathrobe and funny sunglasses, drinking a martini cocktail

#4 Pet grooming supplies essential: Dog and cat toothpaste

No-one likes smelly breath.

Pet toothpaste is an essential item on our pet grooming supplies list. In order to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy, you should be brushing their teeth on a regular basis.

This toothpaste by Beaphar can be used on both cats and dogs. It says that it will not only counteract plaque but will also prevent the formation of tartar.

Plus it’s meat flavoured. Your pets will (hopefully) love it. 

#5 Pet wipes

Bathing your dog can be difficult. Attempting to clean your cat in this way is not recommended!

Pet wipes are a quick and simple way to remove dirt from your pet without resorting to water.  

If your dog enjoys muddy walks in the park but you do not want dirty paw print marks all over your house, just grab a pet wipe and clean their paws before they come inside.

Cats are usually pretty good at keeping themselves clean. But for those instances when they cannot quite reach or get particularly dirty, pet wipes provide the perfect solution.

This brand of pet wipes boasts that it is approved by vets. Plus, the manufacturers say that the wipes will not interfere with spot flea treatments.

#6 Dry pet shampoo 

No need for bath time woes with this dry pet shampoo by Pet Head. Simply spray on your dog’s coat, gently blow dry or rub with a towel, then brush it out. 

Absolutely no water necessary.

Plus, this product says that it will leave your dog smelling of blueberries. What could be better?

#7 Pet clippers

If you want to provide your canine with the complete salon experience at home, you are going to need to 7 Pawesome Pet Grooming Suppliesget clever with some clippers.

This pet clipper can be purchased with a range of different clipper blades, depending on your dog’s coat. They can even be used for horse grooming!

Pet grooming supplies: keep your pet healthy, clean and looking great!

Investing in pet grooming supplies for your home could not only save you money but should also give you more time to bond with your furry family members.

Taking the time to groom your cat or dog can also help you to spot any health problems that you may otherwise have missed. 

Plus, keeping your pet clean and caring for their teeth, will help you to ensure that unpleasant smells are kept to a minimum.

Absolutely pawesome.