50 Side Hustle Ideas – Unusual Ways To Make Money

50 Side Hustle Ideas – Unusual Ways To Make Money
December 6, 2019 Lauren Howells

Unusual ways to make money


Earning some additional money to top up your primary income doesn’t have to be boring. There are many unusual ways to make money if you don’t want to look at the traditional avenues to earn additional cash. If you are looking for an unusual side hustle, you’ve come to the right place…


Being paid to be a friend


Did you know you can earn money by being somebody’s companion?


Rentafriend is a website that connects people looking to hire a friend with, well, friends. Whether it’s for a specific event like a wedding, showing someone around who’s new to the area or just a few drinks in the local bar, people will pay for your companionship.


If you like meeting new people, this could be the ideal side hustle for you.


How does snuggling work as a side hustle?


Some might say this is an unusual side hustle. Others might say it’s just plain weird.


Why do people pay for a cuddle? When you snuggle up with someone, your body releases a hormone calls oxytocin. Oxytocin makes you feel nice and chilled. Plus, hugs can lower levels of the “stress hormone”, cortisol.


Mindfulness and mental wellbeing is big business. If you are happy to cuddle anyone and everyone, there is money to be made from this surprising side hustle. Potentially up to £30 per hour, according to this article in the Mirror.


An unusual way to earn money from your car


If you’re happy to have adverts stuck on your car, you could be paid to do your everyday commute.


Businesses are now paying drivers up to £1,000 per year just for advertising their brand.


The company advert will be stuck to your car. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent, so shouldn’t damage your vehicle.


If you don’t mind turning your wheels into a commercial, register your car on a website like Car Quids, which matches drivers with advertisers.


Can I make money standing still?


If you don’t mind standing around your local town advertising a sandwich deal or a local business, why not turn yourself into a billboard for the day?


As advertising laws are strict in the UK when it comes to placing ads on the streets, businesses often hire someone to display their ad. The money isn’t much more than the minimum wage, but normally you’re allowed to listen to your music on your headphones while you hold up the sign.


Try UK-wide agency thebikeads or look out for ads in your local paper.


Does being a sperm donor pay well?


Both egg and sperm donation are legal in the UK.


While egg donation is much more invasive, sperm donation is a way to earn cash, quickly. Although technically you are not allowed to be paid for your sperm, you are allowed up to £35 in expenses, per donation.


For egg donation, the amount is capped at £750 per cycle.


Bear in mind, however, that if your sperm is used, once the donor-conceived person reaches 18 years old, they are legally entitled to discover the identity of their donor.


If you want to give this more unusual side hustle a go, head to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) website to get a list of approved clinics local to you.


Can I make money from sharpening knives?


This is definitely one of the more unexpected side hustles.


One side hustler earns $30-$60 (around £23-£46) per hour from his knife sharpening business. After buying a knife sharpening kit and teaching himself how to use it on YouTube, Matt Rowell is proof that you don’t have to – and indeed shouldn’t – stick to the “normal” side hustles to make money.


How to earn extra cash hosting pub quizzes


If you’re always on the winning team at your local pub quiz and love nothing more than showing off your general knowledge, you could earn some extra dosh by hosting trivia nights at local bars and restaurants.


Adam Johnston, co-founder of LastCallTrivia.com, started his now 7-figure business with just $300 (around £230).


The concept is simple; Adam charges a bar or restaurant around $175 (about £135). He promotes the quiz evening he’s going to be hosting and ensures the venue is full.


The venue makes back their money (and much more) on food & drinks and the people taking part in the quiz have an amazing night out.


Head to your local bar or restaurant and see if you can start a similar successful quiz-based side hustle.


Summary: Unusual ways to make money


When it comes to side hustle possibilities, your imagination is the only limit. Try something a little different, to see if you can earn some extra cash.