5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover

5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover
March 14, 2018 Felicity Anderson
5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover

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At Cashlady we believe it’s possible to get the sexy budget bathroom makeover of your dreams, even if you’re short on money.

If you don’t have thousands of pounds to spend on a shiny new bathroom, yet want to inject some sparkle, then there are lots of ways to make the most of what you’ve got or incorporate low-cost updates that will have it looking it’s very best.

Here CashLady provides 5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover.

#1 Make your budget go further by working with what you’ve got

The best way to make the most of a modest bathroom budget is by working with you’ve got and making clever improvements to it instead of ripping it all out and starting again.

If you’ve moved into a new property, then you’ll naturally want to put your own stamp on the bathroom, but you will save lots of money by embracing what you have and tweaking it to make it look fresher.

For example, embrace that avocado bathroom suite by going retro with a quirky pop of colour on the wall, or restore a rusty roll top bath instead of replacing it with an expensive new bath with less character.

Keeping everything in its place will also save you big bucks, as you won’t have to worry about extra costs for pipework or moving electricals or plumbing.

#2 The power of paint for making your bathroom budget go further

Painting your tiles

Add lots of tiles to your shopping basket and you will quickly see your bathroom costs mount up, particularly if you are looking to re-tile a full wall.

Save your budget by opting to paint your tiles, using a high-quality paint, instead. Give your tiles a deep clean beforehand to get rid of any dust and grease and then paint each tile individually.

It will take some time but is far cheaper than paying for all new tiles and it will completely lift the feel of the room – making it look much cleaner and fresher.

5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover

This peach shade brightens up the bathroom as well as creating a clean and uniform look

Painting and cleaning your walls

It’s easy to underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint, especially in the bathroom.

Over time painted walls in bathrooms collect grease, dust and mildew so freshen them up at least once a year with a good clean, using a natural sponge and a soap and water solution.

It may be that the time has come to repaint your walls or try out an exciting new paint colour.

Keep white paint on your ceiling as this will make the room look bigger but try something new on the walls, which will add new life to your bathroom for the cost of paint and some brushes.

Be sure to use masking tape and take your time for a professional looking finish.

#3 Updating sinks, baths and showers for your budget bathroom makeover

If you’re tired of your bathroom suite then it’s possible to update it without replacing it completely.

Sinks, baths and showers are often quite standard and it’s the fittings, such as the taps or shower head that truly make a statement.

Consider new taps to change the whole feel of your bathroom, opting for a contemporary look with something sleek and simple, or injecting a more traditional aesthetic through a classical design.

You’ll enjoy a fresh look in your bathroom for far less budget than replacing your suite.

#4 Bathroom hooks for keeping your bathroom organised

5 ways to achieve your sexy budget bathroom makeover

Hooks don’t have to be serious. These are fun, quirky and individual.

Easy to use and super cheap, bathroom hooks will help clean up your bathroom and keep it looking organised.

Kids can easily hang their towels on hooks, which is easier than with towel bars, so towels are less likely to end up in a heap on the floor.

This simple bathroom update will make a big difference for a just a few pounds per hook.

#5 Update your bathroom by incorporating new accessories

Update your shower curtain, toilet brush, bathroom bin, medicine cabinet and bathmats for a tremendous change on a small budget.

Shop around for your items, looking online and in larger supermarkets for good deals, and consider a new colour or style, then expect lots of compliments on your lovely new bathroom, for under £150.

Do you have any tips to add for creating a budget bathroom makeover? Let us know in the comments.