5 Refreshing Walking Holidays that Cost Next to Nothing

5 Refreshing Walking Holidays that Cost Next to Nothing
June 13, 2018 Lauren Howells

5 Refreshing Walking Holidays that Cost Next to Nothing

Walking holidays are a wonderful way to relax while spending some time in the great outdoors.

Many experts believe that being outside can be really good for both your physical and mental wellbeing, making walking holidays the perfect choice for those looking to get away from the daily grind and de-stress.

If your budget is tight but you still want to reap the benefits of spending a week or two walking your way to a healthier, happier you, then take a look at CashLady’s top tips and find a walking holiday to suit even the smallest of budgets.

  1. Self-guided walking holidays in France

Head out on foot and discover France’s vibrant and diverse landscape at your own pace.

Various companies offer self-guided walking holidays. Normally, you pay for your accommodation, whether it be ‘Bed & Breakfast’ or a self-catering gîte. You will then be provided with a walking map of the area you are staying in, with walks of different lengths clearly marked. You may even be given recommendations of which days you could go on each walk.

These types of breaks can be much cheaper than group walking holidays, as you will not have a guide.

Make sure that you book somewhere that will suit your fitness level. Booking a holiday in the Alps, for example, would not necessarily be the best idea for someone who does not spend lots of their free time keeping fit!

One advantage of going to France is that travel time from the UK is relatively quick. Plus, if you take the ferry, costs tend to be quite low.

  1. Walking holidays in Spain

There are many cheap flights going from the UK to Spain, making this a great place to visit if you are on a budget.

Food and drink can also be very good value when you arrive.

If you feel confident, you could even research your own walking routes and book accommodation to suit your itinerary.

This way, not only could you save money on a package, but you also get to walk the route you want.

If you are going on your own, make sure someone else has a copy of your itinerary so they know where you are supposed to be at all times, in case something happens to you.

When it comes to walking holidays, the cooler climates of spring and autumn are better than summer. This is good news for your budget, as you can go outside of peak season and save on accommodation and flights.

  1. Take a staycation

5 Refreshing Walking Holidays that Cost Next to Nothing

You do not need to leave the country to enjoy walking holidays filled with wonderful views. Why not save money on flights and take a walking holiday closer to home instead?

If you like the idea of mountains, the Scottish Highlands or the Lake District could appeal.

For those who prefer to walk on flatter ground, the coastal path along the Pembrokeshire coastline in Wales offers stunning views.

Again, booking your own accommodation and planning your own route can help to save the pennies.

  1. Spend your holiday getting to know your local area

If your budget is really tight, you could spend your holiday getting to know where you live.

Many of us spend most of our time going to or from work during the week and with friends and family at weekends.

Become a tourist in the area where you live and see your local area through new eyes. If you have a local Tourist Information, head there and ask if they can provide you with local walking maps.

If you live somewhere more urban, check the bus routes and find somewhere that you have never visited before to base your walks from.

Look online to see if there are any walks near to you.

You never know what you might discover.

  1. Camp your way to a walking holiday5 Refreshing Walking Holidays that Cost Next to Nothing

Finally, camping can be a cheap way to enjoy a walking holiday.

If you do not want to carry your tent around with you, consider using the campsite as a base and go on day-length walks from there.

Take a camping stove and cook your own food each day, to save on eating out in restaurants.

Conclusion: Refreshing walking holidays that will not break the bank

Walking holidays can be enjoyed on a tight budget.

Self-guided tours can be much cheaper than packages that include a guide. Planning your own itinerary can cut costs even further. And camping can help you to save on both food and accommodation.

Just do not forget those blister plasters!