5 Life Skills You Can Learn for Free

5 Life Skills You Can Learn for Free
May 15, 2019 Felicity Anderson

5 Life Skills You Can Learn for Free

Life skills help make life and easier and more enjoyable – but they don’t always come naturally, especially if you haven’t been shown how. Often this can lead to situations where money is tight and you literally need cash now.

Fancy whipping up a three-course meal but don’t know where to start? Has the washing machine gone on the blink and you want to try fixing it yourself?

The great news about life skills is that with a little dedication, you can easily pick them up. There are lots of free online resources aimed at teaching you them for free.

Today, CashLady offers five life skills that you can learn for free including cooking, DIY and getting to grips with technology.

Why are life skills important?

It might obvious but life skills make life easier, even allowing you to get more out of life. Technically, a life skill could be anything from learning to drive to putting up shelves – but what’s important is what is going to matter to you.

If you feel like you could be eating healthier and you’d like to start being more social, then maybe it’s time to get cooking.

Ever feel like your weighed down by your past or that you gravitate towards unhealthy relationships? Perhaps it’s time to look at your boundaries and how you interact with people.

Life skills that you can learn for free

Here we look at five life skills that you can learn for free online.

#1 Learning to cook

A forever useful life skill that is strongly appreciated by friends and family is learning how to cook.

The great news is that it’s not even difficult – it just requires an interest in making delicious food and an appreciation of what tastes good.

There are heaps of online resources, including BBC food, which has excellent recipes, including videos and tips.

The top tv chefs including Jamie OliverDelia Smith and Nigella Lawson all have fantastic websites too.

We recommend that you start slowly and keep it simple – most online recipes are rated in terms of easy to difficult and will also indicate how long meals take to prepare too.

#2 Teaching yourself DIY

Pick up this life skill and you could save a fortune.

Whether it’s fixing a faulty washing machine, putting up wallpaper or bringing your vacuum cleaner back to life, there is likely a DIY pro who has made a YouTube video out of it.

Simply load up YouTube, enter your next DIY challenge and prepare to be taken through what you have to do step by step.

You’ll save a fortune and earn serious respect for doing the work yourself.

 #3 Improving your computer skills

5 Life Skills You Can Learn for Free

A life skill that you can’t really do without these days is becoming more tech savvy.

If you’re not sure about internet security or feel that you aren’t getting the most from the internet, then there are lots of free courses online aimed at helping you.

The Introduction to Cyber Security course from Future Learn, owned by the UK-based Open University, is accredited by UK Government intelligence organization GCHQ, among others.

It’s also totally free.

If you want to learn more about getting online then check out Learn My Way, which offers free online courses for beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world.

#4 Setting healthy boundaries

One of the most important life skills that you can learn is how to set healthy boundaries with people and foster meaningful – not harmful, relationships.

If you feel like you’re weighed down by issues from the past or that you’re engaged in unhealthy relationships, then there are lots of resources out there for you.

Baggage Reclaim by Natalie Lue offers informative and relatable podcasts, filled with advice on raising your self-worth, breaking depleting habits like people-pleasing, poor boundaries, being self-critical, or being triggered in certain situations.

If you would like more help and support, then speak to your GP.

#5 Learn a language

One final life skill that everyone should try is learning a new language. From Spanish to French or Mandarin, a new language can help expand your horizons, add more colour to your holidays and even provide enhanced job opportunities.

Check out Duolingo for free language courses.