5 Homework Planners to Keep Kids Organised

5 Homework Planners to Keep Kids Organised
August 15, 2018 Felicity Anderson

5 Homework Planners to Keep Kids Organised

At CashLady we’re serious about staying organised. With a new school year approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep kids organised when it comes to homework.

The older that they are, the more homework they are likely to get.  With various school subjects and deadlines on the go at one time, it can be understandably difficult to keep track.

Luckily there are plenty of homework planners available, from wall charts to phone apps. These will help keep kids organised and avoid any late night forgotten homework panic.

Teaching your kids to stay organised

Organisational and razor-sharp focus are some of the most important skills that you can teach your child.

It’s not always easy with excitable young minds but the more that they practice, the more organised they will be.

When it comes to managing their school work, good organisation will help ensure that everything gets done and handed in and it can contribute ultimately to better results come exam time.

Beyond school, good organisation is a useful skill to take through life.

Using homework planners

Encourage your child to use one of the planners below to keep track of their school work and write down all essay due dates, test and exam dates.

It’s also helpful to break down large projects into little parts, noting the date that each part needs completed and allocating time for working on each one.

Include test dates and allocate study time – this helps to avoid leaving things until the last night minute and cramming the night before.

Don’t forget to have them include other activities in the planner too – anything from after-school activities to going to a friend’s house for dinner.

This helps your child build a full picture of what they have on so that they can predict when they are going to be too busy to fit in certain homework activities.

Using their planner, your child can effectively schedule suitable times to do their homework around their usual activities.

Below we explore five useful homework planners to keep your child super organised.

#1 Printable homework planners

Printable Homework Planners

This printable homework planner is perfect for stationery loving kids, who are already organised and like making lists.

Comprising of 40 pages, this homework planner available online from Alexia Clare at Not on the High Street is good value for £13.00 and has plenty to keep your child busy.

Print the pages yourself as many times as you like, which include beautifully illustrated weekly and daily planners, blog lists and packing lists among much more.

# 2 Everyday planner

Tropical Everyday Homework Planner

A more simple way to stay organised this everyday planner from Hobbycraft looks stylish and is practical as it can be easily popped in a school bag.

Perfect for style-conscious slightly older children, it’s priced at £12.00 and each day comes with plenty of space for your child to write down their schedule, plus a section for weekly general notes.

This set includes a single yearly planner, 12 dividers, two sticker sheets and one pocket, ideal for a printed timetable sheet.

#3 weekly study planner

Weekly study homework planner

This simple weekly study planner from Paperchase at £10.00 uses a similar format to the above planner, coming in cream and is eligible for the Paperchase ‘3 for 2,’ offer across its back to school stationery.

#4 Wall planner

Wall homework planner

For kids that like a simple visual reminder of what they have on, a wall homework planner is very handy.

Pop this academic wall planner, £4.99, from WH Smith above your child’s desk or in their workspace for a daily reminder of hand in’s and study time.

#5 Homework planner apps

Homework planner apps

Some children might prefer a technological answer to keeping their school work organised and there are plenty of apps available to help with this.

Using an app on their phone might be dependent on their school’s policy on phones and could be used in combination with the above methods.

My Study Life, for example, is a simple class, assignment and exam calendar which is designed specifically for high school and university students.

Letting you assign tasks to specific classes, it comes with handy reminders, so your child won’t forget any important hand-ins.

5 Homework Planners to Keep Kids Organised