5 Back to School Activities for Over Excited Kids

5 Back to School Activities for Over Excited Kids
August 24, 2018 Lauren Howells

5 Back to School Activities for Over Excited Kids

Are your kids starting to get a little bored with the lazy summer days and hankering to get back to seeing their friends every day at school? Back to school activities can not only help to ease the boredom but also prepare them for the new school year.

Plus, back to school tasks are a great way to build up enthusiasm for the tasks that lie ahead at school. Quite simply, they are an excellent way to get your kids back into the swing of things and make those last few days a little bit more fun for you, too!

Back to school activities: healthy eating

Many experts agree that a good breakfast is essential if our children are to make the most of their morning’s lessons at school.

Getting our kids to eat well before they head out to school can be a challenge, especially if they are particularly picky about what they eat.

The days leading up to a new school year are a great time to come up with a new pre-school breakfast menu with your kids. You could even try out a few recipes with your children, in advance.

Most children love the chance to cook or bake in the kitchen. Plus, they may be more likely to eat what they have helped to prepare, rather than if you just prepared something yourself.

Try to stick to quick, simple and balanced breakfasts. You do not want to be spending hours in the kitchen the night before or getting up at the crack of dawn to make a feast!

We particularly love the “Monster Breakfast Pizza” from milk life. Fun and healthy!

The same goes for lunchbox ideas. Get your kids involved to avoid wasted food.

2) DIY book covers

Get back into the school spirit by helping your children to design their own book covers.

Pick out a couple of wrapping papers with your kids and get them to stick these to the covers of their notebooks. Alternatively, take brown paper and use halved potatoes (or old wine corks) dipped in paint, to create a unique and colourful print.

The only limit is their imagination!

This back to school activity is guaranteed to make your kids excited about returning to school to use their new notebooks.

5 Back to School Activities for Over Excited Kids

3) Take a stationary shopping trip

Not strictly in the ‘back to school activities’ category, but take your child to choose a few new pieces of stationary.

If your child is old enough, you could even get them to do a little pre-shopping online research to see where the best deals are to be had. A great activity to encourage savvy shopping. Also, a way to ease them back into a little mathematics, especially if shops are offering money-off deals!

4) Make a homework survival kit

Even the kids who are really eager to get back to the classroom probably will not relish the thought of homework.

Make homework that little bit more bearable (and maybe even make them look forward to it) by constructing a homework survival kit.

Simply take some cardboard (old boxes from internet deliveries are ideal) and make a box big enough for some pencils, pens and anything else your child thinks they may need for their homework tasks. Box templates are available online to print off.

Then, cut pieces of cardboard and tape them into the box to make little dividers.

Personalise with wrapping paper, as with book covers and label it “Homework Survival Kit”.

5) Start a back-to-school tradition

Give your kids something to look forward to each new school year by starting a back-to-school tradition.5 Back to School Activities for Over Excited Kids

Get your children to answer questions about themselves at the beginning of every school year. This is not only a useful way to get them to focus on what they want to achieve, but it can also be a really nice keepsake that they can look at again when they grow up.

Simple and fun back to school activities

Back to school activities are the perfect way to entertain overexcited children before the return of the school routine. They do not have to be complex or expensive to be fun and entertaining.

Getting your children involved in everything from their breakfast to their stationary, can help to channel their energy and result in a positive start to the new school year.