3 ways to easily manage debts

3 ways to easily manage debts
June 3, 2014 admin

managing debtsWith a large proportion of the British public currently in debt, managing debts successfully has become increasingly more important. Whether your debts consist of credit cards, overdraft, mortgage, personal loans or short term payday loans, in many ways the routes to successfully managing your debt burden are very similar. If you’re really struggling – or just looking for some tips – then here are 3 suggestions for ways to help you manage your debts more easily.

Managing debts – Keep track of everything.

The thing about debt is that if you don’t stay on top of it then it has a tendency to get rather out of control. Debt is not something that anyone is particularly comfortable with. As a result, we often adopt a ‘head in the sand’ approach to managing debts, ignoring them or just hoping they will take care of themselves. This is the worst thing you can do as it’s the easiest way to start missing repayments, racking up fees and charges and you will find it really difficult to successfully plan and manage the repayments if you’re not 100% sure of your debt burden.

Don’t freak out.

Debt can be scary, especially if you feel like it is spiralling out of your control or you don’t know how you will ever pay it off. Rather than making yourself feel guilty, dreading the future or feeling depressed by it, just accept that this is something many people have to manage these days and you’re no better or worse than anyone else.

Set yourself some clear goals for repaying the debt so that you feel on top of it, don’t leave letters unopened and deal with any problems that arise. If you feel like you really can’t cope the get some professional assistance. There are many organisations that can help you manage your debt more successfully for free and just making an appointment with then can feel like a huge weight has been lifted.


There are many reasons why we get into debt but the one reason you’ll get out of it is by developing or strengthening your self-control. Channel all your efforts into repaying those debts – reassess your finances on an ongoing basis to see where there might be any wastage that you could cut back on and be ruthless with yourself when it comes to emotional spending or ‘treating.’

Just think how much better it will feel to be debt free in the long term, rather than having a new pair of shoes in the short term.

Whatever your debt burden you can use these three tips to help you manage it. Most of us are dealing with debt in some shape or form today and so it is an essential life skill to learn how to manage it effectively. Whilst you might not be able to clear those debts quite as quickly as you’d like, learning to manage them means far fewer sleepless nights and slow but sure progress towards becoming debt free.