10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look
March 26, 2018 Felicity Anderson

10 stylish bathroom sinks ideas for a modern look

Stylish bathroom sinks will inject your new bathroom with a marvellously modern look.

Often overlooked, the bathroom sink provides lots of opportunities to get creative and create a significant impact on your new bathroom design.

From the shape of the sink to the material that you chose and whether you opt for a pedestal, console, classic vanity or a wall-mounted model, here we provide ideas for 10 stylish bathroom sinks for a fresh and modern look.

#1 Stylish sink types

With so many types of sink to consider, if first helps to drill down what look and feel you want to achieve in your bathroom – along with how much storage you require and what your budget will allow.

Common types of sinks are:

Classic vanity

A common type of sink that provides lots of useful storage, here a sink sits on top of a vanity unit, perfect for housing all your lotions and potions.

It can be created to suit your style, but it also takes up lots of space, so this style may be unsuitable if you have a small bathroom where space is at a premium.

Pedestal sink

Another common type of sink, a pedestal is elegant and minimal, taking up very little space but also offering no storage.

Wall mounted sink

This sink type is fixed to the wall, looking like it’s floating and so it can give an interesting effect.

Typically, a small box is constructed underneath for hiding any pipes for a modern, crisp, look. Again, this is great for space but not for storage.

Console Sink

Perhaps offering the best of both worlds, a console sink provides both space and storage and even useful countertop space.

#2 The shape of your sink

10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

The standard and most common-sense sink shapes are oval, or bowl-shaped.

You can, however, select any shape you want, especially if you want an original look to your bathroom.

Square or rectangle sinks are popular, and the clean lines provide a modern feel.

#3 Modern materials for your sink

If you want a truly modern feel to your bathroom then consider the material that the sink is made from.10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

Most sinks are made of porcelain, down to its durability and that it doesn’t easily stain.

Other materials that can be used include pottery and glass, with both materials bringing a unique and fresh feel to your bathroom.

Modern sink ideas

See below for some more inspiring modern sink ideas.

#4 Creative console sinks

Create your own DIY console sink using any console table of your choice, selecting sleek and modern lines for a super minimalist look and then adding a suitable basin and simple taps.

#5 Modern wall-mounted bathroom sinks

Wall mounted sinks look modern and clean, coming in a wide selection of shapes, sizes and materials and providing the flexibility to place it at whatever height you want.

Consider the tiles behind the sink and the mirrors that you hang above it.  Opting for matching shapes, such as rectangles, will provide a sleek and modern look.

#6 Paired Pedestal Sinks

10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

Twin is very much in, with ‘his and hers’ sinks proving extremely popular, providing both symmetry and time saving when you both need to get up and out in the morning.

Matching sleek white pedestal sinks with generously sized mirrors above each sink add a modern light and airy appeal when plenty of space is available.

#7 Oversize Sinks

The trend for oversize sinks is going nowhere thanks to its modern look and the large depth of a big sink, which helpfully minimises splashing.

Often found in kitchens, oversize sinks work just as well in the bathroom and can rest on top of open vanities to lend a sense of spaciousness to a narrow bathroom.

#8 Above counter sinks

10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

Above the counter, sinks can look super sleek and modern.

Bowl style sinks complement the organic feel of a bathroom with their minimal style and interesting shape.

#9 Undercounter sinks

Undercounter sinks ease cleaning and create a modern and seamless look from countertop to sink bowl. These are ideal if you are limited on space or have a small bathroom.

#10 Custom bathroom sinks

10 stylish bathroom sink ideas for a modern look

Let your imagination lead and customise a sink of your own for a truly unique and modern look.

Research online and visit specialist shops for one of a kind sinks, such as ones with scalloped edges or wood finishes.