Time to tax the Robots?

By | 2017-12-06T10:45:02+00:00 December 6th, 2017|Business, Technology|

Author Mark Richards Robots are predicted to take 800m jobs worldwide by 2030. This will mean that national governments face a huge drop in tax revenue, with millions living on benefits instead of paying tax on earnings. Surely the only logical solution is to tax the robots that are taking the jobs? 6 am Christmas [...]

Facebook to create 800 new UK jobs despite Brexit uncertainties

By | 2017-12-05T09:24:55+00:00 December 5th, 2017|Business, Technology|

Author Lauren Howells Facebook has opened a new London office, which includes a dedicated “incubator space” for start-ups called LDN_LAB, which it says shows that it is “more committed than ever” to the UK. London site will be Facebook's biggest engineering hub outside the US In a move that will make the social media giant’s [...]

Hole in the Wall? Or Hole in the High Street?

By | 2017-12-01T10:02:59+00:00 December 1st, 2017|Banking, Technology|

Author Mark Richards The world’s first ‘hole in the wall’ – or more correctly Automatic Teller Machine – was installed in the Enfield branch of Barclays Bank in June 1967 – so the hole in the wall turned 50 this year. But with an American company now claiming that an interactive ATM can replace 80% [...]

Move over Justine: Here Comes Meccano Max

By | 2017-11-20T14:26:52+00:00 November 20th, 2017|Economy, Politics, Technology|

Author: Mark Richards Technology is changing the workplace at an ever-faster pace. Is the UK doing enough to educate its young people about the challenges that will bring? Or is Amazon starting to do the job the Education Secretary should be doing? Anyone with an Amazon account cannot have failed to notice that ‘Black Friday’ [...]

Automatic compensation for broadband and landline users who experience poor service

By | 2017-11-14T14:12:52+00:00 November 14th, 2017|Technology|

Author Lauren Howells Customers who experience poor levels of service from their broadband and landline supplier are set to receive a share of £142 million in payouts from providers, under Ofcom’s new automatic compensation scheme. The regulator’s plans, which it says will benefit millions, mean that people will be compensated by providers when things go [...]

Warning to Consumers: Fraudsters adapting with modern technology but still relying on old tricks

By | 2017-11-09T13:57:47+00:00 November 9th, 2017|Economy, Technology|

Author: Felicity Anderson Sophisticated online crime is on the rise and yet traditional scams still prevail, according to the UK’s leading body for consumer protection. In their annual report issued this week, National Trading Standards (NTS) warned of new threats to consumers, with criminals selling ‘phantom goods’, online and exploiting smart TVs and voice-activated home devices [...]

One million homes still exposed to potentially dangerous tumble dryers

By | 2017-11-06T15:43:03+00:00 November 6th, 2017|Economy, Technology|

Author Lauren Howells Whirlpool has reportedly informed MPs that it estimates around one million faulty tumble dryers, which the Express describes as “at risk of bursting into flames”, could still be in UK homes. Machines could pose a fire risk After messages were put up on Hotpoint’s and Indesit’s websites (both made by Whirlpool) back [...]

Email scammers defrauding Brits of hundreds of thousands

By | 2017-10-24T15:00:56+00:00 October 24th, 2017|Technology|

Author Mark Fairlie Cybersecurity experts are warning British consumers and businesses of the very real threat of theft by email scammers. In a case reported by the Guardian, a Chelmsford couple lost £120,000 when sending money to what they believed was their solicitor’s treasury account for a home purchase. After the transfer had taken place, [...]

Majority of UK households experienced broadband problems, says which?

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Author Lauren Howells Which? has called for all customers who aren’t satisfied with the level of broadband service they’re receiving, to look to switch, following the results of its latest broadband customer satisfaction survey, which revealed that 53% of people have had broadband problems in the last year. Slow speeds were the biggest overall problem [...]

Mobile phone networks accused of “overcharging loyal customers”

By | 2017-10-23T13:59:23+00:00 October 23rd, 2017|Business, Technology|

Author Lauren Howells New analysis from Citizens Advice has revealed that EE, Three and Vodafone, three out of the four largest UK mobile phone network providers, are charging customers extra for their handset after the cost has already been covered in their fixed deal. Resulting in customers paying on average £22 per month extra The [...]