If it Seems too Good to be True…

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Author Mark Richards …It might still be worth buying. With Christmas becoming increasingly expensive it is no wonder that people are tempted by counterfeit goods selling for a fraction of the price of the real thing. How big is the worldwide trade in fakes and rip-offs? And what are the most counterfeited items? By any [...]

Taming the Wild Frontier- UK Plans Signals Bitcoin Regulation As Value Soars

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Author Trevor Clawson If virtual currencies represent the wild frontier of the finance and financial services markets, then there is a new marshal in town, in the shape of UK Economic Secretary Stephen Barclay. Replying to a parliamentary question earlier this week, Mr Barclay announced plans to subject virtual currencies - the most famous of [...]

Energy bills to keep climbing

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Author Gina Clarke Utility bills and energy prices are on the rise as energy prices keep rocketing year on year. Research by financial planners Tilney has found that utility costs have risen at a rate of three times the rate of inflation over the past 20-years. With energy giant British Gas raising its tariffs by [...]

Rail fare hike the largest in five years

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Author Mark Fairlie From the 2nd of January, train fares across Britain will see an increase of 3.4% of average; the largest rise since 2013. The hike has risen train fares over the current CPI rate of inflation, currently peaking at its own five year high of 3%, and above the annual rise in wages. [...]

Brexit importing and exporting

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Author Mark Fairlie On Monday, Theresa May met with the European Commission President, Jean Claude-Juncker, to discuss Brexit negotiations. Discussions broke down following a failure to resolve a dispute on issues surrounding the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland after Britain has left the EU. The current deadlock on the border issue [...]

OBR’s predictions for the Autumn Budget – how they measure up

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Author Mark Fairlie Twice a year, the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) release their forecast for the next five years ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget. These forecasts are then used to assess the Government’s performance against their financial targets. Back in Spring, the OBR released their predictions for what they believed would be in the [...]

Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding security costs could “dwarf” William and Kate’s

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Author Lauren Howells Less than 24 hours ago, Prince Harry and Megan Markle announced that they are to marry next spring in what promises to be another magnificent royal wedding. Since then, news channels around the world have been buzzing with images of the happy couple and speculation surrounding exactly where and when the latest [...]

Time for the Stay-at-Home Dad?

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Author Mark Richards Insurer Aviva has radically overhauled its policy on paternity leave. Will we see other UK employers following suit? Or will men remain too worried about their careers to take time off for a new baby? Unless you are a die-hard football fan – or a supporter of Wigan Athletic – you have [...]