If it Seems too Good to be True…

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Author Mark Richards …It might still be worth buying. With Christmas becoming increasingly expensive it is no wonder that people are tempted by counterfeit goods selling for a fraction of the price of the real thing. How big is the worldwide trade in fakes and rip-offs? And what are the most counterfeited items? By any [...]

What People Really Want at Work

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Author Mark Richards Google’s London HQ has just been voted the best place to work in the UK. But we cannot all work for Google. What are employees really looking for at work? And what can employers do to compete with Google and the tech giants? The audience has held its collective breath, the golden [...]

Time to tax the Robots?

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Author Mark Richards Robots are predicted to take 800m jobs worldwide by 2030. This will mean that national governments face a huge drop in tax revenue, with millions living on benefits instead of paying tax on earnings. Surely the only logical solution is to tax the robots that are taking the jobs? 6 am Christmas [...]

Facebook to create 800 new UK jobs despite Brexit uncertainties

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Author Lauren Howells Facebook has opened a new London office, which includes a dedicated “incubator space” for start-ups called LDN_LAB, which it says shows that it is “more committed than ever” to the UK. London site will be Facebook's biggest engineering hub outside the US In a move that will make the social media giant’s [...]

Time for the Stay-at-Home Dad?

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Author Mark Richards Insurer Aviva has radically overhauled its policy on paternity leave. Will we see other UK employers following suit? Or will men remain too worried about their careers to take time off for a new baby? Unless you are a die-hard football fan – or a supporter of Wigan Athletic – you have [...]

EasyJet profits plunge despite soaring passenger numbers

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Author Felicity Anderson EasyJet announced this week that its profits fell 17% this year, despite surging passenger numbers that hit a record high. The UK’s biggest budget airline reportedly flew 80.2 million people in 2016-17, which is almost 10% more than the previous period. Fuller planes, however, were not enough to protect its profits with, [...]

A Brave New World in the Office?

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Author Mark Richards The monitor on Jessica’s wrist pulsed. ‘Is it that time already?’ she thought to herself. 10:30 on Wednesday morning. She opened the hatch in her window and there it was. “Good morning, 316,” she said. “And how are you today?” “I’m well, thank you, Jessica,” the Amazon drone replied. “Could you just [...]