FCA accused of putting interest of banks first

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By Mark Fairlie FCA accused of putting interest of banks first after refusing to publish revealing RBS report The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has come under fire this week as they continue to delay the publication of their report on the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Global Restructuring Group (RBS GRG). The financial watchdog has been [...]

Stock Markets Collapse. And Rise Again?

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By Mark Richards Earlier this week stock markets around the world suffered sharp falls. In addition, the virtual currency Bitcoin fell 11% in one day. So are we heading for global turmoil? Should we sell everything and head for the hills? Or was it simply normal stock market fluctuations, and nothing to worry about? Almost [...]

More Banks Impose Credit Card Bans As Bitcoin Edges Into the Mainstream

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By Trevor Clawson Banks in Britain and the US have responded to a precipitous fall in Bitcoin values by banning customers from using credit cards to buy digital currency. In the short term, the restrictions are seen as a sensible measure to prevent bank customers from running up large debts, but as digital currencies edge [...]

Transferwise Launches Borderless Bank Account

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By Trevor Clawson Anyone who has ever struggled with the bureaucracy associated with opening an overseas bank account might welcome a new service from British financial technology company Transferwise. Launched in January, the company’s ‘borderless’ account - coupled with a debit card -  allows users to hold up to twenty-eight currencies. Once signed up, account [...]

Bitcoin: The rise and the fall

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By Gina Clarke Another day and another crash for Bitcoin, the volatile cryptocurrency of choice. Fluctuations of up to 10% are pretty common for this type of market, but the recent drop of almost 50% has rattled investors. Although the cryptocurrency market has had highs and lows before, the fact that Bitcoin, in particular, was [...]

What are the real implications of Open Banking?

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Author Mark Richards Next Saturday – January 13th – could be a pivotal day for the UK’s traditional banking industry. It is the day that sees the start of ‘Open Banking.’ But what is Open Banking? And what are its implications – for the banks, and for us? There was an interesting conversation in our [...]

Link to protect free cash machines within a kilometer form each other

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Author Lauren Howells Link has pledged to protect all its free-to-use cash machines that are a kilometre or more from the next nearest free-to-use ATM, regardless of any wider changes to interchange, in response to what some critics have described as the potential for “ATM deserts”.  News back in October that a number of free-to-use [...]