How to make money selling CDs, DVDs and Books online

How to make money selling CDs, DVDs and Books online
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Your house is probably filled with things that you no longer need.

You might have old books that you’ve read before, or now keep on your Kindle. You could have a selection of DVDs and games that you have enjoyed, but no longer want to keep.

Also, you might even discover a lone CD that fell behind your bookshelf years ago.

These are not often high-value items. Selling one CD is not likely to pay for your gym membership. That pile of books probably won’t pay for a brand new car. But even small financial boosts are important.

And you never know if one of those books will turn out to be a valuable edition!

If you want to sell books, games, DVDs or CDs online, here are some of the best places to start:


The world’s most popular auction website.

On eBay, you can sell almost anything. This is a convenient place to list all your belongings. You can sell books online here, along with CDs, DVDs, games and anything else that you find lying around.


  • eBay’s popularity makes it a useful resource for sellers. Your items will reach a big audience.
  • You can sell almost anything on eBay.


If you are planning to sell on eBay, look out for the fees and charges. Your first 20 items each month can be listed free of charge, but when they sell you’ll be charged 10% of the total including delivery.

There are also additional eBay charges for adding a Buy It Now price or setting a Reserve price.


Many people that want to sell CDs online think first of musicMagpie.

This website is specifically for books, games, DVDs, CDs and technology items.

You’ll receive payment on the day your items are received, in most cases.

It’s free to post your items to musicMagpie and the award-winning service has been used by more than 3 million people so far.

When you are ready to sell, you’ll receive a quote for your items. As long as they are in the condition that you say they are, you’re guaranteed to receive this money. If musicMagpie cannot give you the quoted price, they’ll return your items free of charge.


  • You will receive a guaranteed quote when you’re ready to sell.
  • You can send your items completely free of charge.


As a specialist website for people that want to sell games online, or get rid of their old books, DVDs and CDs, musicMagpie is not suitable for everything that you’ll find whilst doing your big spring clean.

You will also find that some less popular items are not accepted at all. This means that musicMagpie might not even be the right place to earn cash for your book collection.

CeX and

How to sell online to make money is the online home of CeX.

There are physical CeX stores dotted throughout the UK. You can walk into a store with your old DVDs, games and CDs to sell them for cash in person.

If you prefer to sell games online, you can visit the CeX website.

Search for the items that you would like to sell. Click ‘I want to sell this item’ and it will be added to your Sell Basket. From there, you can see how much you will be offered for your items.

You can choose to sell your items for cash, or for a higher value Exchange Voucher. If you choose the latter you will be offered more for your items, but will only be able to use the voucher in CeX stores or online.


  • You can immediately see how much you will be offered for your items, as long as they are in good working condition.
  • If you want to add some new games to your collection, you might benefit financially from choosing the Exchange option. This is ideal if you want to trade old games for new, rather than selling games online for cash.
  • There are a range of payment options available. As well as accepting payment into your bank account, or choosing an Exchange Voucher, you can opt to receive payment by cheque, PayPal or Bitcoin if you would prefer.


You might be waiting for more than a week to receive your payment. This website is not the best option if you are in need of fast cash.


With Ziffit you can sell games, books, DVDs and CDs.

Ziffit offers a similar service to musicMagpie. But, where musicMagpie might turn away some of your more obscure books, Ziffit may be able to accept them. Our tests on lesser-known titles found that they were much more frequently accepted by Ziffit.

That said, payment will be very low for books that are not in demand.


  • You can choose to receive payment by bank transfer or cheque. You can also choose PayPal or an Instant Cash Voucher that can be printed at home and redeemed at any PayPoint, Payzone or epay store.
  • It’s completely free to post your items to Ziffit.


Ziffit cannot accept your PC games.

Payment into your bank account can take up to five working days after your items have been received. PayPal payments can take up to three days. Cheques are posted next day.

An Instant Cash Voucher can be delivered by email almost immediately but will need to be redeemed in one of 60,000 participating UK stores.

Selling with Ziffit is not the fastest way to get cash for selling your items, but certainly isn’t the slowest, either.


We have added BookMooch to this list despite it not, strictly, being a place to sell books online.

In fact, BookMooch is suited to keen readers that do not want cash for their books or would only use the cash to buy more of them.

Instead of selling books online, you will list your book on the website. Other people can request your book. You’re paid in points when you send your books to other people. If there is a book you’d like to read, you can request it from someone else and use one of your points to pay for it.

As a book exchange, BookMooch can help keen readers to discover new and exciting stories. Or, to work through a bestseller list without ever paying full price. It will not help you to clear your bookshelf but might help you to refresh what you’re reading.

And, whilst BookMooch isn’t strictly a way to make money selling books online, it should stop you from spending all your disposable income on Amazon. Or in your local book store.