How to make money with unusual jobs

How to make money with unusual jobs
Stacey Corrin

how to make money with unusual jobs


If you are not happy with the idea of eight hours in the office each day, then you might be tempted by more unusual jobs.

Unusual jobs are also often better for people with skills that aren’t taught at school.

At CashLady we believe that if you think outside the box, you can earn money doing almost anything. Here are just a few of the part-time jobs and full time careers that you might like to try your hand at:

Working from your computer

Answer text messages

There are a number of companies that recruit workers to answer texts sent by their customers. AQA 63336 is the most well-known of these companies.

Customers send in their questions, from fact-based queries to fun texts after a few too many drinks, and AQA’s workers will send back a short response.

You’ll need good research skills and an ability to fit details into a very small character limit. You’ll also need to be creative, for some of the less serious questions.

As you are paid per answer, you’ll be able to work on the side for a little extra income or take on the challenge of earning a full-time income.

Looking after property

House Sitting

House sitters can make extra money by living in someone else’s home whilst they’re spending time away.

Some might like a permanent house sitter, whilst others simply want someone to call in once a day to water the plants and stack up the mail.

This is potentially a very easy way to earn some spare cash if you can be trusted with someone else’s property.

Other people prefer the house swap approach, where you’ll spend a few weeks in someone else’s house whilst they spend their time in yours. This doesn’t give you an income but will provide you with a free holiday.

Working with animals

Dog walking

If you don’t mind mud, wind, rain and dog hair, you could set yourself up as a dog walker. Post leaflets through letterboxes, or advertise your services online.

Dog walking is unlikely to be a full-time career unless you can manage multiple dogs safely and walk from dawn until dusk. It can, however, be a valuable source of extra money.

As well as helping your bank balance, walking dogs will do wonders for your health.

To walk dogs for income, you will need to have safe routes in mind. You’ll need good people skills, as well as being a dog lover, and some customers may ask to see your DBS check.

You might do particularly well if you can work during the day. Many dog owners are stuck at work and worry about their dog’s lunchtime walk.

Cat Sitting

Cat sitting is an unusual job that can earn you money

If dog walking sounds a little too damp, and cat cuddles are more your thing, then setting yourself up as a cat sitter could launch your dream career.

You’ll be paid for playing with kittens, along with managing their practical needs by providing food and water. You’ll need to clean out their litter trays, but perhaps that’s a small price to pay for time with a fluffy feline?

Cat in a Flat is a cat sitting community that anyone can sign up to. Advertise your services as a cat sitter, and choose how much you want to charge. You’re even insured for your cat sitting, as long as you work through Cat in a Flat.

How to make money being on TV

Being a TV extra

TV extras get minimal screen time, usually without any spoken lines. They’re there to pad out the scenes, making them look more realistic.

You’ll be paid for your time if you choose to become a TV extra. But, be prepared for long days with lots of waiting around.

Sign up to an agency, or look out for one-off opportunities on websites like CastingNow. Sometimes you just need to fit into an age group, whilst other times the requirements will be more detailed.

Going on quiz shows

If you can handle gruelling auditions and high-pressure questioning, consider applying for a quiz show.

The prizes will be worth your time. Some people make a career of featuring on TV quiz shows. They’ll apply at every opportunity.

Many earn enough to live on, by getting on a few shows a year. It takes luck and skill in equal measure.

You’ll need excellent knowledge, so swot up between your appearances. And remember that quiz show appearances (and prizes) are never guaranteed cash.

Use your skills for pocket money with unusual jobs

Whatever you’re good at, there could be a market for it.

Websites like Fiverr are popular with individuals that have more unusual talents.

You could make money providing relationship advice, giving psychic readings or painting messages onto the side of your house.

It’s amazing what people will pay for.

Bear in mind that Fiverr is not going to earn you a full-time income. It’s not even the place for part-time jobs. It’s best for easy work that will take you less than five minutes, and that you could almost do in your sleep.

You are paid $5 for a standard job, with Fiverr then taking a $1 cut and with PayPal taking a small share when you claim the funds.

After this, your money will be converted to GBP leaving you with even less in your bank. It’s not going to change your lifestyle, but every little bit of money adds up to a better bank balance.

There are lots of ways to earn money doing the things that you enjoy, as well as more unusual jobs.

Don’t make things too daunting by aiming to earn a full-time wage.

Start with a plan just to earn a little extra income, then see where your new job leads you.