Lender in Focus 14.1: Pounds Till Payday overview and history

pounds till payday overview

pounds till payday overview

Pounds Till Payday provides customers with short-term loans that are both simple and flexible. CashLady takes a look at the history of Pounds Till Payday and at the services that they provide.

Pounds Till Payday offers flexible loans which can be paid back over one or several months.

An instalment loan is a loan that can be repaid in 2 or more instalments. Traditionally, payday loans were only paid back in 1 instalment, usually on your next payday.

The term ‘payday loans’ has now been applied more loosely and often people refer to loans that can be paid back in more than 1 instalment, as payday loans, as long as they are relatively short term loans.

Pounds Till Payday provides short term loans which you are able to pay back in 1 or more instalments on your paydays, over the next few months. You could also repay your loan early. As interest is charged daily, you could save money by repaying your loan early.

New customers to Pounds Till Payday can apply for a loan of between £150 and £750.

Existing customers can apply to borrow up to £1,500. How much you will be able to borrow depends on things such as your net income and pay frequency. In order to see how much you can borrow, you will need to apply for a loan. Before taking out any loan, you must be comfortable that you can make the repayments.

The maximum loan term that Pounds Till Payday offers borrowers is 5 months. The choices you get with regards to the length of your loan term will depend on how much you would like to borrow.

Lender in Focus 14.1: Pounds Till Payday overview and history

If for example, you decide you would like to borrow £150, you can choose to repay your loan over 1 or 2 months.

If you are approved for a loan with Pounds Till Payday, you will be able to access your personal, online account, which is available 24/7. Here, you can choose how much of your available credit limit you would like to borrow. You can also review your payment plan and fees. The fees that you will see here are what you will repay, as long as your loan is repaid on time, on your scheduled repayment dates.

On your repayment dates, your loan payments will be debited from your account. You will need to ensure that your funds are available on that day.

Pounds Till Payday will keep you up-to-date with your loan status and your repayment days via SMS and email.

If you miss a repayment, Pounds Till Payday may charge you a fee of up to £15. If you think you are going to miss a repayment, you should contact Pounds Till Payday as soon as possible on 0800 086 9226 or by emailing payments@poundstillpayday.co.uk.

Plus, if you are approved for a loan with Pounds Till Payday, a daily interest of 0.8% will accrue on your outstanding principal loan amount. The total cost of your loan will vary depending on your loan term. You will be informed of the total cost of your loan before your loan is finalised.

Lender in Focus 14.1: Pounds Till Payday overview and history

Once your loan application is approved, you should receive the funds in your bank within a few hours. This timeframe could vary because of issues with your bank, such as cut-off times and holidays.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for a Pounds Till Payday loan

In order to apply for a loan with Pounds Till Payday you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • currently living in the United Kingdom
  • regularly employed with a net income of at least £667
  • receive your pay directly into your bank account.

Company information

Pounds Till Payday is the trading name of MMP Financial Limited. Formed in 2015, MMP Financial was brought about to bring Pounds Till Payday and Swift Sterling (both online lending brands) back to the UK market.

Their trading address is (use this for correspondence): Forward Building, 46 Windsor Road, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 2EJ

Their registered address is: Unit 16, Essex Enterprise Centre, 1-2 Davy Road, Gorse Lane Industrial Estate, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 4XD

Customer Support telephone number: 0800 652 0078 or 020 3781 8295

Payments Team telephone number: 0800 086 9226 or 020 3808 3529

Text: Text the keyword QUESTION to +447860031380

Customer Support email: customercare@poundstillpayday.co.uk

Payments Team email: payments@poundstillpayday.co.uk

Customer Support is open from 7:30 am until 11:30 pm on Monday to Saturday and is closed on Sundays.

The Payment Team is available Monday to Friday from 9 am until 6 pm, Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm and is closed on Sundays.

Pounds Till Payday also offers a live chat service on their website.

Financial Conduct Authority registration

MMP Financial Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Their registration number is 718863.

Authorisation can be checked on the Financial Service Register at http://www.fca.org.uk/register

Data Protection

MMP Financial Limited says that it is committed to giving a personalised service that meets your needs, in a way that also protects your privacy.

The full privacy policy is available to view on the Pounds Till Payday website.

Right to cancel your loan agreement

Lender in Focus 14.1: Pounds Till Payday overview and history

Borrowers have the legal right to withdraw from their loan agreement within 14 days of signing a loan contract.

If you would like to withdraw from your loan agreement with Pounds Till Payday, you must return any money that you have received, together with any accrued interest. If you decide that you would like to withdraw from your loan agreement, you should contact Pounds Till Payday as soon as possible.

Credit checks

Approval for a loan with Pounds Till Payday is based on your individual circumstances and credit checks.

As Pounds Till Payday is a responsible lender, the amount that you can borrow from them is based on your disposable income. This is so that Pounds Till Payday is not lending you more than you can afford to pay back.

Promotional activities

Does Pounds Till Payday have a television advert?

CashLady could not find any Pounds Till Payday TV adverts.

Do they advertise on Google?

No, Pounds Till Payday does not have a Google ad (checked March 2017).

Do Pounds Till Payday charge fees?

Lender in Focus 14.1: Pounds Till Payday overview and history

Pounds Till Payday is upfront with its customers about its fees.

You will be informed of how much your loan will cost you before your loan is finalised.

Costs can vary depending on how much you borrow and the term of the loan that you apply for.

Daily interest is charged at a rate of 0.8%.

If you miss a scheduled repayment, you may be charged an additional fee of up to £15. Missing repayments could also damage your credit score, which could, in turn, affect any loan applications you make in the future. This is because missed repayments will be reported to credit reference agencies.

Pounds Till Payday do not charge early repayment fees.

Has Pounds Till Payday ever been fined?

In December 2015, the brands Pounds Till Payday and Swift Sterling were bought by MMP Financial Limited.

Prior to this, the brands were owned by a parent company based in Malta. The Financial Ombudsman Service would not investigate any customer complaints about these lenders because they weren’t based in the UK. Any fines would have had to be dealt with by the Malta Financial Services Authority.

MMP Financial Limited is FCA-authorised and regulated, so any customers who have complaints about Pounds Till Payday can now go to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

MMP Financial Limited has not been fined by the FCA.

Social Media


CashLady could not find a Facebook page for Pounds Till Payday when we checked in March 2017.

However, MMP Financial Limited does seem to have a Facebook page with 61 likes and 60 followers.

There are regular posts made regarding money saving tips and ideas (the last one was made 2 hours before CashLady visited).


Pounds Till Payday do not seem to have a Twitter page, either.

MMP Financial Limited joined Twitter in May 2016 and has tweeted 460 times. Their Twitter feed has 21 followers. The content is very similar to their Facebook page, consisting of links to money saving ideas.


Cashlady could not locate an Instagram account for Pounds Till Payday or MMP Financial Limited.

Whilst MMP Financial Limited (the owner of brands Pounds Till Payday and Swift Sterling) does have social media profiles, Pounds Till Payday does not seem to be active on social media under its own brand. However, Pounds Till Payday does offer its customers various ways to contact it should they need to, including telephone, email and text message.

Do they have an App?

CashLady couldn’t locate a mobile App for Pounds Till Payday.