Lender in Focus 8.3: Cashfloat reviews

Cashfloat reviews

Cashfloat reviews

Cashfloat reviews are a great way to find out more about Cashfloat and what some of their customers think about them.

Looking at reviews can help you to gain a better understanding of how any business operates. Customer reviews will give you an idea of what a lender’s positives and negatives are, through other people’s experience of them.

You may also be able to see from Cashfloat reviews how any complaints are dealt with by the lender.

Loan reviews offer consumers another way to gather information about a lender, as well as a loan provider’s own website.

CashLady has looked through the Cashfloat reviews and summarised the key points.

Cashfloat reviews on Reviews.co.uk

There is a wide range of different websites that encourage customers to review their experiences of UK businesses. Reviews.co.uk describe themselves as the ‘fastest growing Review platform in the UK’.

Cashfloat customers are able to use reviews.co.uk to review their experiences of Cashfloat. This includes the whole process from their loan application right through to their final repayment.

All reviews that come from legitimate reviewers on reviews.co.uk have a visible ‘verified badge’.

Lender in Focus 8.3: Cashfloat reviews

As of February 2017, Cashfloat had an average score of 4.79 out of 5 on reviews.co.uk and a total of 166 reviews.

150 of these reviews rate Cashfloat with 5 stars, while only 5 reviews rate Cashfloat with 1 star. This is an excellent rating for any business and shows that Cashfloat is held in high regard by its customers.

However, before deciding if you want to take out a loan with any lender, it is important to look at a selection of both positive and negative reviews. This is the case even if, like Cashfloat, the majority of their reviews are extremely positive.

Cashfloat regularly responds to their customers’ reviews, whether the reviews are good or bad. This shows that they want to actively engage with their customers.

“Very helpful”

Many positive reviewers talked about Cashfloat’s excellent customer service.

Reviewers praised Cashfloat for how helpful their team were, on everything from logging on issues to enabling them to borrow money they could not get through a high street bank.

Other customers mentioned how professional and friendly Cashfloat was throughout the loan process. Some reviewers expressed how excellent the trust was between the client and the lender.

Cashfloat’s head office is based in London and is open from 9 am – 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Customers are able to call or email Cashfloat and they promise to respond to emails within 24 hours of receipt, during the week.

Lender in Focus 8.3: Cashfloat reviews

“Professional, understanding, courteous, helpful and efficient.”

“Gave me the loan they thought was right for me, easy set up quick pay out. Excellent customer support totally recommend”

“I applied as our car had problems straight after Christmas, and we all know what that means to much month left after the end of the cash! I applied on line, had to go into a meeting, and just over an hour later came back to my desktop to find the application had been approved, wonderful service, so easy AND you know, with all the explanations, all that you are signing for.”

“One of the best companies I have ever dealt with”

Many positive reviewers mentioned they would not hesitate to recommend Cashfloat to their family and friends.

Others thanked Cashfloat for accepting their application, even though they had a bad credit score. One said that they had previously lost all hope that they would get any cash.

Cashfloat examines each individual application professionally and carefully. Even if a customer has a bad credit score, they may still be approved for a loan, as long as they pass the credit and affordability checks.

Some reviewers enthused how polite and helpful they had found the staff and how fantastic the service was.

“Clear and helpful to understand and quick decision happy I used them would recommend to others”

“There when I really needed it and the banks let me down.”

”I couldn’t complete the application”

One of the few negative reviewers talked about how they applied for a loan on aFriday. However, they did not receive a confirmation text to enable them to complete the application straight away. Their money then came through on a Sunday afternoon, instead of the “1 hour it would have normally taken on a Friday”.

Cashfloat says if you submit an application on a weekend or after 5:30 pm and before 9 am, their underwriting team will process it after 9 am on the next working day. This means that if you apply for a loan late on a Friday, you could find that your application will not be processed until the Monday morning.

Honest customer reviews of cashfloat

If you have any queries outside their office hours, you are able to email Cashfloat. A member of their team will respond within 24 hours (outside of weekends and public holidays). Cashfloat offers its borrowers the benefit of the human touch. This way, they can guarantee that you get the highest quality loan, suited to your specific needs.

Another reviewer mentioned that after successfully repaying two loans, they were unable to get another one.

As a responsible lender, Cashfloat carries out fresh credit and affordability checks each time you apply for a loan. This way, Cashfloat can ensure that their customers are able to afford to repay their loan.

Cashfloat responds to any negative reviewers, to explain the reasoning behind their decision. This shows that as a business they want to listen to and deal with any complaints that their customers may have.

“Easy application and quick decision”

A general theme that ran through many of the reviews, was how quick and easy customers had found Cashfloat’s application process.

Cashfloat says that it takes between 1 and 3 hours, on average, to check applications. The timescale depends on how many applications that they have received. They appreciate that many customers need money fast. They have a trained team of loan underwriters who work at top speed to provide borrowers with money ASAP.

Lender in Focus 8.3: Cashfloat reviews

If you are approved, you should receive your money within the hour. This means that the average time from application to money in your bank is under 4 hours.

Some reviewers enthused about the speed at which the money arrived in their account.

Other reviewers talked about how simple and straightforward the application process was. They mentioned how Cashfloat makes it easier for repeat customers. This is because repeat customers do not need to fill in their details all over again.

“Very quick and convenient”

“Easy application and quick decision and you can choose to spread payments over alonger period of time which makes payments more managable”

“Money was there when I needed it very quick process will definitely use them again”

Cashfloat reviews: summary

Customers are generally extremely happy with their experience of Cashfloat.

Their high score of 4.79 out of 5 on reviews.co.uk reflects the very positive experience many customers have had.

Some negative reviewers mentioned that customers were unable to take out a further loan with Cashfloat. This was the case despite them being approved in the past and having paid off their previous loans in full. As a responsible lender, Cashfloat carries out new credit and affordability checks each time their customers apply for a loan. This is to ensure that customers are able to pay it back. This process is necessary because sometimes people’s circumstances can change.

Many positive reviewers reflected on the excellent customer service Cashfloat provides. Along with their quick and easy application process.

The vast majority of reviewers seemed very happy with their experience of this loan provider.