How to fill in online surveys for money

How to fill in online surveys for money
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How to fill in online surveys for extra money

There are many ways to make money online, including online surveys. In most cases, you can earn enough in a month to cover a few cups of coffee or perhaps your mobile phone bill.

Survey sites rarely pay very much. But, you can fill in surveys for money whilst you are sitting on your sofa at home.

Online survey sites are ideal for casual earning. When you have free time, you can use it to earn extra money. When you’re too busy, you don’t need to do anything.

How online survey sites work

In most cases, you will become a member of an online survey website.

You might be asked to provide some details about your lifestyle and financial situation. These are used to match you with the most suitable surveys.

Companies use surveys for product and consumer research. You will be offered the chance to fill in online surveys whenever you are within the target audience.

For each complete survey, you will receive points or a small amount of cash. You can usually trade your rewards in for prizes, such as vouchers.

Are online surveys easy money?

Online surveys take time.

Financially, the reward is not what you’d earn for the same amount of time in the office. But, surveys are so popular because they’re a free time activity.

Most people can fill in online surveys whilst watching their favourite TV shows.

Sometimes, you will spend time on a survey but will not receive any reward. This is because there are further screening questions, which may show that you don’t fit the requirements.

After you have provided some details about your age and location, as well as a few other answers, you might be told you are not suitable or the survey is no longer available.

Online surveys take perseverance and will provide pocket money rather than a regular and reliable income. However, they can be a great way to top up your bank account.

Most popular online survey sites

Popular online survey sites

There are many online survey sites. Most are similar, but some might target a very specific demographic. Some of the most popular places for online surveys are:


This is the UK’s most well-known site for online surveys. Many news sources turn to YouGov for statistics and public opinion details.

YouGov also publishes a variety of annual reports.

Over 800,000 people fill in YouGov UK surveys. This can make their data highly representative. It often leads to accurate predictions about elections and votes.

Users can earn roughly £50 per year if they answer every survey that comes their way. Rewards are provided as points that can be converted to cash, or traded in for prize draw entries with the opportunity for a bigger win.


This used to be known as Ipsos.

The i-Say survey website is considered to be one of the highest payers, making it a must-see for people that want to fill in surveys for money.

Users earn points for surveys, and can realistically earn the equivalent of £10 per month with a bit of luck. Points can be swapped for shopping vouchers for a range of major retailers.


Swagbucks operates as an online survey site, with additional ways to earn money.

Members can trade their earnings in for gift cards, or cash delivered through PayPal.

As well as earning money filling in online surveys, users can earn by watching videos, searching the web and playing games. Swagbucks also provides some cashback for online shopping.

With most survey sites, users can be left waiting for days (or weeks) for new surveys to come along. With Swagbucks, those lulls can be filled with other ways to make money.


If you are lucky enough to get a Pinecone invite, then you will be able to sign up to a survey website that offers more money than most.

Pinecone users, as well as being paid a relatively high amount for their answers, may be sent product trials to review.

To join, you have to receive a Pinecone invitation. Or, you might be lucky enough to see a recruitment banner advertisement on another website that you visit.

Pinecone is invite-only, for quality control purposes, unlike other sites which allow anyone to sign up but may screen you out of many surveys.

Valued Opinions

This is one of the better-paying survey sites.

Users receive gift vouchers and shopping vouchers in exchange for the points that they earn.

Valued Opinions sends out regular surveys, paying well, but may leave you waiting quite a while for your rewards.

Tips for filling in online surveys

Be honest

You’ll get caught out if you’re inconsistent. If you tailor your answers to fit the required demographic for one survey. Yet, you respond differently to the next one, there are systems in place to flag this up.

For example, you might say in one survey that you have a toddler. If you later respond that you are childless and single, you may end up losing your account.

Surveys also feature regular checks. Occasionally, you’ll be asked the same question you were asked a little earlier. Your answers should be consistent throughout the survey, so don’t click haphazardly on the first response that you see.

Evaluate the rewards

Some survey websites might give you a bonus for taking your earnings in voucher form, rather than a cash payout.

Check which reward is best for you financially, as well as which is most practical.

Join a variety of websites

Surveys are not always available. You might be screened out regularly. By signing up to multiple sites, you should receive a steady stream of surveys.

If you do this, make sure that you keep track of all of your memberships. Otherwise, you could earn money that sits in an account until it’s no longer available to cash out.

Final thoughts

Filling in surveys to earn money is not a get rich quick scheme, however, they have the potential to earn you a little extra pocket money. Ultimately they’re a useful way to top up your earnings and treat yourself from the comfort of your own home.

What are your experiences with filling in online surveys to make money? Let us know in the comments.

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