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Welcome to our Alternative Options page. Here you could find some alternative financial options to Payday Loan

Dear customer,

Unfortunately, your payday loan request has been rejected by all the lenders we work with (including Wonga, QuickQuid, Payday UK, MyJar and 24 other Lenders). This is most likely due to issues with your credit score. Continuing to look for a pay day loan with another provider right now could worsen this situation.

We suggest that you look at your credit report through one of the providers below and/or look at other forms of finance which may be more suitable to your financial circumstances. These options include poor credit Credit Cards, LogBook Loans or Debt consolidation Loans.

Let CashLady find you an alternative financial option

Credit Unions

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With this search facility you can find out if there is a credit union you can join. Please note that the results you get are only an indication of credit unions you may join. You should check directly with the credit union to confirm your eligibility for membership. Click here to apply now with our this loan partner
Click here to apply now with our this loan partner