Websites that will help you save on groceries

Websites that will help you save on groceries
March 4, 2015 admin
Websites that will help you save on groceries

When it comes to food and household basics, we all have to budget for these things. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay what everyone else does – or that you can’t be rewarded for shopping smart. There are some great websites and apps out there that you can use to reduce the amount that you spend on groceries and cut costs in your budget – here are a few suggestions to help you save.


My Supermarket is a very useful website that lets you compare the prices on groceries to help you save money. It is designed to let you put together a basket of all your favourites/must haves and then you can compare this across 11 different stores. Most people save around 20% on every shop so it’s really worth doing this if you’re looking to keep your monthly groceries budget down.


Money Saving Expert is the ideal website if you’re looking for coupons and discounts to reduce your weekly shopping bill. The site has a constantly updated list of coupons that you can print out and take with you or use online, with everything from razors through to discount codes for your first online shop with a big supermarket so it’s really worth checking out.


Shopitize is an app that you’ll need a smart phone to access but once downloaded can save you a serious amount of cash on all your every day purchases. You can use the app to earn cash rewards across major UK supermarkets, getting cash back for everything that you buy. The genius of this app is that you’re not limited to a single supermarket loyalty card so even if you like different products from different shops you can still earn as you go. All you have to do is go shopping, take a photo of the receipt and then the cash rewards are paid directly into PayPal or your bank account.


Quidco is a cashback and voucher website that is a great way to use your shopping to generate rewards and to save money too. Essentially it works by retailers paying the site a commission, which is then passed on to customers in the form of cashback when shopping using Quidco. The ClickSnap feature includes a wide range of supermarket offers every week with cashback on lots of different grocery essentials – it can be used either online or in store with all your favourite shops.


Living Social is a great option for the slightly less regular grocery purchases where you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deals from your area. From cases of wine through to kitchen essentials, the site is a goldmine of different offers and discounts nearby just waiting to be snapped up.


Checkout Smart comes in the form of an app that you can use to get hold of rewards wherever you shop. Like other cashback type technology options all you have to do is buy your products, take a photo of the receipt in the app and then you’ll be rewarded with cashback paid either into a PayPal account or straight into your bank account.