Websites to help you save money

Websites to help you save money
July 24, 2014 admin
save money online

save money onlineWhen the internet was first introduced it was meant to provide an easy way for people all over the world to share information. Nowadays there is virtually nothing that cannot be found via a quick Google search and the internet has become one of our most important resources for everything, from dating to learning about the family tree.

Saving money is key for many people at the moment and there are plenty of websites that can help you cut your cost and save money – below are a few of those CashLady think are the most useful.

Save money Online Using the Following  Websites:

1. Money Saving Expert is probably one of the best-known money saving websites and for good reason, as it has proven to be a goldmine of information on everything from the best voucher codes to use, to finding the cheapest deals on energy.

If you want to create income from nothing i.e. cut your current costs, reclaim the money you might be owed, save on utility bills or find the best voucher deals then this is the website to use.

2. The Money Advice Service is a great resource for anyone looking to save money through better management of their finances. It provides unbiased, impartial advice on a broad range of financial issues and has been set up by the government, making it a particularly reliable source of news and information.

The website covers numerous issues relating to personal finance and saving money, from better budgeting to saving, investing and pensions.

3. Price comparison websites, such as Money Supermarket, are another easy way to help you save cash by making sure that you’re getting the best deal on whatever it is you need to buy.

Whether it’s a holiday, a sofa or insurance products there’s a broad range of price comparison websites out there that will help you to identify the cheapest options and the best deals.

4. Voucher websites provide access to some great discounts on a whole range of essentials and treats, whether you’re looking for a cheap manicure or car insurance. Groupon and Wowcher are perhaps two of the best known but you can search for others if the bigger websites don’t offer the discounts you’re looking for.

Remember when using voucher websites that they only offer savings if you use them properly – if you’re simply buying every voucher that takes your fancy as it comes up then you’re likely to be spending more than you’re saving.

5. Spotify is a music streaming website that offers access to a huge library of songs that are available for free – far cheaper than paying per song or album from a digital store like iTunes.

The only downside to Spotify is that there are regular advert breaks but you can avoid this by upgrading to premium, which is a mere £9.99 a month.

The great advantage of Spotify is that, although you’re saving money, you don’t have to make do with a dated selection of songs, as the site has many of the latest releases as well as a well-stocked library of vintage classics.