How to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space

How to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space
April 30, 2018 Felicity Anderson

How to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space

If you have a small kitchen then the clever use of kitchen accessories can make a big difference.

Choosing your gadgets and appliances wisely, with size in mind, will help keep your kitchen space clear and clutter-free while providing vital spots for storage and countertop room for preparing food.

Here CashLady looks at how to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space.

The size of your sink

Your choice of sink type will have a significant bearing on the space in your kitchen.

For maximum surface space opt for an under-counter sink, allowing for more precious worktop inches, which you’ll be super grateful for when preparing and cooking food, particularly for large numbers.

Go for a single sink, instead of doubling up and think about maximising space even further with clever sink accessories, like the ones we explain below.

Clever kitchen accessories for your sink

Chopping, draining and keeping drinks cold in the kitchen sink

Save storage space and enjoy more room for food preparation by making your sink work even harder for you.

Many designers now offer specially designed chopping boards, colanders and even ice buckets for chilling drinks, that fit perfectly into your sink space.

Swapping out the kettle for a clever mixer tap

Mixer taps that dispense hot water are also proving increasingly popular, allowing you to free up the countertop space formerly occupied by the kettle.

An all-in-one tap design will typically deliver steaming hot and cold water from one spout, and in some cases, filtered or even sparkling cold water, too.

Many can be easily retrofitted into your sink or worktop in place of the existing tap. However, you’ll need to find space in the cupboard underneath for a water tank. These typically range in sizes of between two and five litres.

Style-wise, there are lots of choices too, so that you can integrate the tap into your kitchen, whatever the look and feel of the room.

Hanging racks for making the most of your kitchen space

How to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space

Wall to wall cupboards isn’t going to work in a little kitchen as they will overwhelm the space and make it look too full.

Instead reach for hanging wracks, which look super stylish and semi-industrial, giving your kitchen a modern feel while being perfectly practical storage solutions.

Opting for a vertical plate wrack

Have you ever considered stacking your plates vertically to make the most of precious kitchen cupboard storage space?

Stacking plates vertically creates extra cupboard space in an instant, so look online for vertical plate wracks on sites like Amazon and eBay, that make storage easier – and reaching for plates in a hurry becomes a doddle too.

Integrate an island into your small space

Available in various shapes and sizes, a multifunctional island is ideal for small kitchen spaces.

Providing extra space to prepare food and eat, along with storage, they can even come on wheels, enabling you to move it to where it’s required and store away if it’s not.

Kitchen Accessories: Get a handle on your handles

The little details matter when your kitchen is small so consider the size of the handles on your cabinet doors.

How to fully utilise kitchen accessories to enhance your space

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Large or chunky handles will make the space look more enclosed and feel more difficult to move around, so investigate handle- free cabinet designs, featuring handle grooves or push to open doors to make the most of precious kitchen space.

Clear out the kitchen clutter

Getting rid of your kitchen clutter and keeping the space as clear as possible is the best way to make it feel larger.

So simple and yet so effective, give away or sell the things that you don’t use and store away what doesn’t need to be out on display.

Decide on a dinky dishwasher

A small kitchen doesn’t mean that should do without your favourite appliances, and with plenty of space saving options available, you certainly won’t need to do without a dishwasher.

Check out freestanding tabletop dishwashers, pull-out dishwashers and compact tall ones that are easily integrated next to your other appliances.