Three Ways to use your Kitchen Plan to your Advantage

Three Ways to use your Kitchen Plan to your Advantage
April 2, 2018 Felicity Anderson

3 Ways to use your kitchen plan to your advantage

Your kitchen plan determines the functionality of your kitchen and is typically one of four types of common layout.

Making the most of your kitchen plan and the space that you have, ensuring that you follow the rules of the ‘golden triangle,’ will create an enjoyable place to cook, plus perhaps eat or catch up with the family.

Here CashLady quick loans looks at three ways to use your kitchen plan to your advantage, focusing on making the most of the space, however much of it you have, while ensuring perfect placement of your most used appliances and utensils.

Determining your kitchen plan

Your kitchen is a unique space with its own particular features, but it will usually follow a classic layout.

It might be a galley kitchen with one or two continuous runs of cabinets, an L-shaped kitchen built into a corner that has lots of useful counter space, or a U-shaped or open kitchen, which has oodles of space.

The kitchen that you have is often determined by the space that you have available, but if you are starting fresh or planning renovations then you can work backwards and make your desired kitchen layout fit the space.

What do you want from your kitchen plan?

If you have the luxury of determining your kitchen plan, then you need to give serious thought to how you will use the space.

Increasingly a place to cook, entertain and even do homework, the kitchen has evolved to incorporate the old space and functionality that used to be taken up by the dining room.

An open plan or U-shaped kitchen

Three Ways to use your Kitchen Plan to your Advantage

Many people are now forgoing their dining rooms, knocking down walls to extend their kitchen to make a large multi-use space.

The integration of a central island into an open plan kitchen provides an incredibly useful multitasking place.

A work zone and social hangout, the island provides additional work surfaces when necessary.

Bring it bang up to date by incorporating sockets for charging phones and laptops. Here you could also add wine storage or bookshelves.

A galley kitchen

Perhaps you have limited space, prefer to eat out, or you like a super modern look?

You might be better with a minimal galley kitchen that incorporates the latest technology and provides an easy working space for when you do decide to reach for the pots and pans.

Providing a simple yet efficient layout for plenty of cabinets and benchtop space, the galley style kitchen is a contemporary design and the choice of many chefs for good reason.

An L-shaped kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen, meanwhile, uses just two walls for appliances and cabinets, so it’s perfect if you want to open the space to another room, such as a dining room or living room.

You might want to incorporate a half wall to give a little separation, which helps block some of the noise from food preparation, while a breakfast bar could provide a spot for casual dining and chatting with the family while you cook.

The ‘golden triangle,’ and your kitchen plan

Three Ways to use your Kitchen Plan to your Advantage

Whether you’re starting with a new kitchen plan, or working with what you’ve got, there are some key rules that you should try to stick to for practical reasons.

Place the dishwasher near the sink and try to keep the bin within easy reach of the dishwasher, the food counters and the hob and oven,

This ‘golden triangle’ is a three-point rule for the placement of the sink, fridge and cooking areas and is 3 Ways to use your kitchen plan to your advantagesimply about keeping the most-used areas of the kitchen in close enough proximity to each other.

Down to the details in your kitchen plan

Thinking about how you will use the kitchen day to day, down to the little details, will make meal times easier and banish any potential annoyances.

At the planning stage consider where your utensil drawers and pots and pans are going to be stored.

You’ll be reaching for them a lot and so it makes sense to put them next to the hob, while the knife block and drawers should be adjacent to food preparation areas.

Measure all your crockery and tableware before signing off on your storage as you’ll want them to fit perfectly in your lovely new kitchen.