6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips you didn’t know about

6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips you didn’t know about
March 19, 2018 Felicity Anderson

6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips you didn’t know about

A sustainable bathroom is kinder to the environment and often easier on your pocket in the longer term too.

Embracing eco-friendly bathroom fixtures and materials that use less plastic, water and energy help to save the worlds precious resources, while also reducing your water and energy bills.

From chemical-free paint to a lower capacity bath or low flow showerhead, here CashLady short term loans looks at 6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips that you didn’t know about.

#1 Why is a sustainable bathroom important?

Putting a little thought into the sustainability of your new bathroom is a wonderful way to do your bit for the environment while helping to reduce unnecessary waste.

When designing your new bathroom and selecting new fixtures and fittings, consider whether any of your existing items could be fixed up or repurposed instead of replaced.

Use your imagination and for each part of your new bathroom design consider your choice of fixtures and materials, opting for the most environmentally friendly options, where possible.

Not sure where to start? We provide plenty of tips below.

#2 Saving water for a sustainable bathroom

Why should you save water?

Out of all the rooms in your house, it’s the bathroom that guzzles the most water.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, each household in the UK uses on average around 330 litres each day.

About 15 % of a typical gas-heated household’s heating bill is from heating the water for showers, baths and hot water from the tap, averaging about £80 a year.

Saving water will reduce your water bill if you’re on a meter and reduce your overall energy use.

It also reduces the impact on your local environment, while diminishing harmful carbon dioxide emissions through using less energy to pump heat and treat all that water.

6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips you didn’t know about

How to reduce water use in your bathroom

There are many ways that you can save water in your new sustainable bathroom.

First, think of how much water is used in just one bath. Reduce this amount simply by installing a smaller bath, such as a narrow one or taking it away completely and using just a shower.

When installing your shower, consider a low-flow showerhead, where you can save approximately 5 litres of water per minute.

Both options save water and the amount of energy used for heating the water.

A water-efficient toilet, meanwhile, helps your pocket and your conscience. If you have an old toilet, you could be wasting up to 4 litres of water with each flush.

#3 A sustainable alternative to bathroom paint

Have you thought about the environmental impact of a quick lick of paint in your bathroom?

The production of one litre of paint can reportedly result in up to 30 litres of toxic waste from the petrochemical industry, so it makes sense to choose an eco-friendlier option or consider an alternative.

A water-based or chemical-free paint isn’t as easy to find as typical household paint but it improves the earth’s environment and will also improve the toxicity levels in your own home.

Alternatively consider an eco-friendly tile, such as recycled glass tiles, which are both are sustainable and available in assorted styles, such as metro tiles, which are also very much on trend.

#4 Recycling wood for your sustainable bathroom

Recycling wooden pieces saves trees and also gives your sustainable bathroom a wonderfully natural and earthy feel.

Use reclaimed wood for anything in your bathroom, from countertops to shelves and vanities.

#5 Sustainable bathroom sinks and vanity units

6 fascinating sustainable bathroom tips you didn’t know about

There’s a wide variety of new sinks and vanity units available but inject some character into your bathroom by using an old antique or repurposing a console table instead.

Sustainable, low cost and a fantastic opportunity to add an interesting feature to your new bathroom, look for vintage furniture and then simply find the perfect basin to fit.

#6 Tap into the bath bridge trend sustainably

If you want to tap into the trend for an Instagram worthy bath bridge, perfect for holding your book and drink while relaxing in your new bath, then opt for an earth-friendly product made from bamboo.

A fast-growing, rapidly replenishing material, bamboo has great eco-credentials and is both lightweight and strong, so it’s an excellent alternative to wood yet looks fantastic.

Bamboo is often cheaper than other options and will last much longer than rust-prone metal or plastic.