5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less

5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less
March 5, 2018 Felicity Anderson

5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less

A small bathroom budget doesn’t mean that you can’t make big changes to the look and feel of one of the most important rooms in your house.

With the average new bathroom in the UK now costing between £4000 – £5000, you may be concerned about making your modest budget stretch.

Here CashLady provides 5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less.

Make a statement on a small bathroom budget

If you favour a strong look in your bathroom then selecting one or two key focal points is a great way to make the best of your small budget.

Bold wallpaper

Consider making a statement with patterned or colourful water-resistant wallpaper, which packs more of a punch than a lick of paint and is far cheaper than tiling a full wall.

Beautiful tiles

Beautiful tiles give bathrooms a luxurious feel and provide a welcome focal point, but they are typically very expensive.

Make your tile budget go further by purchasing a small number of your dream tiles and blending them with cheaper plain ones, such as stylish metro tiles.

5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less

These Metro Teal Tiles are perfect creating a bold statement

There are lots of deals to be head when shopping for tiles so do your research first and look for offers on end of the line batches.

Upgrade your accessories

Tired looking accessories can make your whole bathroom look unloved.

A few basic accessory purchases such a new bath mat, toilet brush, soap holder and bin will add a welcome feeling of newness for under £100.

Turn your attention to the taps

A few clever upgrades are often all that’s required when you’re changing up your bathroom and need to make a small budget stretch.

Depending on the condition of bathroom suite you might not need to replace fixtures, like the sink and the bath, so instead freshen them up by swapping the taps.

Taps are a focal point of any bathroom and adding shiny new chrome taps will give the impression that your bathroom suite is brand new.

Easy installation taps also significantly help cut costs by saving on labour charges.

Breathe new life into your shower

Don’t worry about spending upwards of hundreds of pounds on a fancy glass shower door when a stylish new shower curtain can make a surprisingly big difference to your bathroom.

Look in department stores, supermarkets and online, where you can easily find a curtain that perfectly matches the rest of your décor, for under £30.

Repurpose instead of buying brand new

Transforming a console table or dresser into a vanity unit is a popular trend in bathrooms and is both stylish and relatively cheap – perfect when you have a small bathroom budget.

A DIY project saves you money and is kinder to the environment than buying brand new, while also adding unique character your bathroom.

Keeping it simple to stretch your budget

While you may want to indulge in a few stylish touches, your small bathroom budget will go much further if you stick to traditional finishes.

Simple styles and materials will stand the test of time, meaning that you won’t want to change them when they go out of fashion.

Classic items also tend to be more affordable than the hottest trends.

Let there be light

5 ways to get more from your small bathroom budget while spending less

If you have a dark bathroom and want to inject some light, then adding a window or skylight will take up a large chunk of your budget.

Instead of windows, trick the eyes by cleverly adding reflection with mirrors.

A mirror or even several mirrors is an affordable way to add personality and space-reflecting sparkle above a sink or vanity unit.

Don’t skimp on tradespeople

Unless you consider yourself an expert in DIY, it’s worth investing in tradespeople that have been personally recommended to you.

If you can, speak to people who have had similar work done by the tradesmen or company and check their online reputation.

Remember that you usually get what you pay for and so consider looking elsewhere if their services are unusually cheaper than industry standards.