Best School Uniform Deals and Discounts 2018

Best School Uniform Deals and Discounts 2018
August 1, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Best School Uniform Deals and Discounts 2018

The costs of school uniform soon add up, especially if you have more than one child to buy for in time for the new term.

Costing an average £545.28 per child each year, according to figures from Oxfam, it pays to shop around for the best school uniform discounts on everything from shirts to blazers and shoes.

Last year it was the supermarkets offering the most unbeatable deals, with a full uniform available for under £4.00.

Here CashLady looks for the best school uniform deals and discounts available right now, so that you come top in the class when it comes to making savings.

Shopping for school uniform discounts

Last summer it was the German discounters, Aldi and Lidl, offering some of the best school uniform discounts and they’re at it again this year with full school uniforms available for £5 or less.

Other supermarkets are also giving them a run for their money too, with Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s all providing great value on school wear.

Below we look in more detail at the best deals and discounts currently available on school uniform but with the new school year fast approaching, you best be quick if you want to snap them up!

School uniform deals at Aldi

Available in store for the past couple of weeks, the Aldi school uniform bundle, from £5, includes quality tested classic pinafores and round neck sweaters in water-repellent finishes and easy iron materials.

Also offering PE kits, school shoes and other back to school accessories, check out what they have online and purchase in your local store.

School uniform discounts at Lidl

Fellow German discounter Lidl has also got some great deals on school uniform this year.

At 50p cheaper that Aldi for a uniform, with two polo shirts, a sweatshirt and either a skirt or pair of trousers for just £4.50, this is the cheapest deal that you are going to find.

Sizes are available for children from four to twelve years old and prices start from £1.50, with other items in the range including a features gingham school dress from £2.49, cargo shorts for £1.50 and real leather shoes for just £6.99.

Find your local Lidl store here.

School uniform deals at Asda

Another supermarket offering great value discounts on school uniform is Asda.

Providing a range of clothes in store plus some online exclusives, you don’t even have to leave the house to pick up your back to school bargains.

Boys trousers and girls pleated skirts are available from as little as £3.50, while gingham shift dresses begin at £5.00.  You can also pick up a set of two polo shirts from as little as £2.50.

Check out the Asda school uniform range online here.

Best School Uniform Discounts 2018

School uniform deals at Morrison’s

Do your weekly shop at Morrison’s?  Then you’re in luck as they too are offering bargain school uniforms that you can pick up both in store and online.

As part of the supermarket’s Nutmeg clothes range, it’s selling items priced from just £2.00 for a pack of two polo shirts.

You can also grab plenty of other low-priced items, such as boys school trousers for £3.00, girl’s skirts from £4 and pinafore dresses from just £5.00

School uniform deals at Tesco

Tesco is also offering super cheap prices on the school uniform in its Florence and Fred clothing range.

Two packs of girl’s white shirts are available from just £3.00, a pack of two shirts for boys is just £3.50 and you can grab a pair of shoes from just £12.50.

With plenty to choose from, the supermarket is offering eight different styles of boy’s trousers, beginning at £7.00 for a pack of two and a pack of two girls black kilt skirts from £8.00.

Available in larger stores, check out the range online here.