5 Clever Ways To Save On Transport

5 Clever Ways To Save On Transport
June 11, 2014 admin

Transport can be a real drain on the finances, especially with the rocketing costs of petrol and train tickets. We’ve collected a few ways to keep the lid on your travel expenditures, focusing on trips further afield than your work place – although some of them could work for the daily commute too. Brought to you by short term loan broker – Cashlady.com, here’s how you could save on transport in the UK:

Save on Transport by being Flexible

This one is surprisingly effective, particularly for flights – by having some flexibility about your travel times and dates, you’ll find that you can get much better deals. Comparison sites like Skyscanner make it easy too: instead of selecting specific dates for your departure and return, you can choose an entire month or even a whole year. You can then pick and choose the day and time with the cheapest fares. The price can double from one day to the next, so it pays to keep things from being set in stone.

Cash Lady - 5 Clever Ways To Save On Transport - Be flexible

Take Coaches

Tired of shelling out for pricey train tickets? Sometimes it can feel like first class prices for third class service, especially when they’re overcrowded or delayed. We recommend jumping on a coach – the journey will take a bit longer (especially if there’s traffic) but fares are far, far cheaper. Companies like Megabus will carry you from London to Manchester for as little as £8.

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No, it’s nothing to do with limos with built-in Jacuzzis – carpooling, or car sharing, is a great way of saving on the fuel bill for long trips. The more people you have in the car, the smaller the amount that everyone has to pay for petrol. Of course, it’s not always the case that your mates will want to head up to the Highlands or off to Calais when you do – in that situation you can use a handy site like Carpooling.co.uk to find others trying to get to the same destination.

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Plan Ahead

This might sound obvious, but it bears repeating – planning in advance can really help you save on transport. The benefits in terms of cost for almost any type of transport. Train and coach fares booked months in advance have steep discounts, and you can even get extra perks like upgrades to first class for just a pound or two more. For flights, if you take our advice and keep it flexible while planning ahead, your holiday transport could cost a fraction of what they would even in a last-minute deal. And when it comes to driving, if you plan out the most efficient route and bear in mind times with heavy traffic, you could save a bundle on petrol.


This one only works for trains, but we think it’s worth noting due to the amazing savings on offer. It’s common knowledge that students and seniors get 30% off rail fares, but it’s not just them. Anyone under 25 is eligible for a Railcard that costs just £30 per year, while any couple aged 16 or over can take advantage of the Two Together Railcard, which grants a 30% discount on each ticket when you travel together. Even more generous is the Family & Friends Railcard – just one of these can be used by a group of up to four adults and four children, making for bargain days out.

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