How to save money with QuidCo

How to save money with QuidCo
September 12, 2016 Cheryl Lewis
How to save money with QuidCo

Knowing how to save money with Quidco could mean cashback is your ticket to a bigger savings account balance!

With more than 6 million members working to save money with QuidCo, there is no doubt that cashback websites are becoming popular.

QuidCo is one of the leading UK cashback websites and states that its members are earning more than £50 million a year.

Some users earn more than £250 each year, which is a worthwhile addition to any savings balance and a good alternative to loans as a way to pay for emergency expenses.

The benefits of QuidCo cashback

Earning money through QuidCo cashback is easy and won’t take up much of your valuable time.

In most cases, a quick visit to the website is all that you need to collect some extra cash.

For QuidCo users, the money earnt is almost free.

Think of it as a nice bonus!

You might wish to set the money aside to build up a savings pot or spend the money on a treat. You might decide that the money you earn throughout the year should be set aside to pay for your Christmas shopping.

The funds received in the form of cashback are for purchases already made, so you do not need to spend any extra money

The most profitable QuidCo users are those that save money with QuidCo by checking the website before every online sale.

QuidCo also offers its “Highest Cashback Guarantee”.

Meaning that if you see any other UK cashback website offering a higher rate, QuidCo will match it so that you do not miss out.

This means that you do not need to sign up to many cashback websites, to find the best offers on each.

How to sign up to QuidCo online

If you would like to save money with QuidCo, it is easy to sign up online by connecting through Facebook or PayPal.

You can also sign up for an account using the site’s own registration form.

New members can choose between Free and Premium memberships.

The Premium membership offers a wider range of deals and higher earning potential. But requires members to pay for their account using £5 of their annual QuidCo earnings.

The Free membership is suitable if you are new to the website and would like to see what if offers, or if you expect to make a small amount of money.

Yet, in most cases, a Premium membership will provide you with the best earnings.

How you can save money with QuidCo


Cashback offers make up the majority of a typical user’s income.

Retailers pay a Referral Fee to QuidCo, in return for your custom. You receive a part of this referral fee as your cashback payment.

Remember, if you order from a retailer’s website then you will not receive this money.

To earn cashback, search for any online retailer before you buy.

You will be able to see how much cashback is offered (if any) and buy through QuidCo to earn money back.

You must access the retailer’s website through QuidCo.

Doing so means your journey will get tracked so that a completed sale gets recorded for the retailer to confirm.

Offers and deals change often with new retailers coming on board all the time.

You can maximise your QuidCo balance by checking back each time you place an order. Even if the retailer you are using has not offered cashback before, they may have recently signed up and offer opportunities.

A wide range of retailers are with QuidCo, meaning almost every online shopper will find opportunities to earn some extra money.

For example, in September 2016 you could earn:

  • 5% back on purchases from Mamas & Papas
  • 12% back on Travelodge hotel stays
  • £50 back on Aviva car insurance

Voucher and discount codes

You can also make use of voucher codes with Quidco to reduce the cost of your purchases.

Vouchercodes are specific retail offers where you can enjoy an immediate discount.

Unlike cashback, where you pay the full price and receive money in the form of a rebate. Vouchercodes get applied at the point of sale so you spend less.

If you get disciplined about saving, work out the savings made and deposit this money straight to your savings account.

Surveys and opinion polls

If you are happy to give a bit more of your spare time, you can earn money by filling in surveys.

QuidCo Opinions is an optional addition that could boost your income. Although you will need to answer a lot of surveys to build a significant savings pot.

Free cashback

In certain cases, you do not need to buy to receive cashback.

You get free cashback when you sign up for a free trial or join a website as a member.

As of September 2016 you can earn:

  • £1 for joining
  • £1.50 for ordering a free Graze snack box
  • 50p for getting a pet insurance quote from

Other free cashback offers are also available.


If you enjoy using QuidCo and can encourage a friend to sign up, you will receive an extra £2.50 for each referral.

When a friend joins on your recommendation and earns at least £5 of their own, your account will get credited with your cashback referral bonus.

How you can use your QuidCo earnings

Once you have made a few purchases and built up your Quidco pot, it’s time to do something useful with it!

You can choose to withdraw your earnings through PayPal, have them sent to your bank account or get paid using Amazon vouchers.

In time you will receive a 1% (or 2% on Premium accounts) balance top-up if you are claiming Amazon voucher payment.

You can withdraw funds as soon as you have £1 in your account. You may wish to allow your earnings to build up so that you can withdraw in bulk or set the money aside for a rainy day.

QuidCo for offline cashback

High Street Cashback

QuidCo is a service providing online cashback opportunities. But, around 40 UK retailers have signed up to offer High Street cashback.

If you want to save money with QuidCo offline, QuidCo High Street allows you to link your debit or credit card. So, your card payments in signed-up stores count towards your cashback balance.

Stores registered for this part of QuidCo’s service include Halfords, River Island and The Body Shop.


If you want to earn money whilst doing your grocery shopping, then you may want to try QuidCo’s ClickSnap.

Manufacturers can register their products, paying cashback when you buy them online or in-store.

If you buy registered products at your local supermarket, upload a photograph of your receipt using the QuidCo app. You will receive payment through your account.

You can, of course, earn cashback for your online grocery shopping orders.

How to boost QuidCo earnings

To make the most of cashback opportunities, you must remember to visit the Quidco website before you do any online shopping.

Although some retailers do not offer cashback, you will find that many of your favourites get registered.

The Cashback Reminder is an add-on that you can install within your web browser. And, it gives a prompt every time you are about to spend money on a website that offers a cashback deal.

If you are the kind of person that often forgets little details, this little tool could be a good investment!

Drawbacks of using QuidCo

QuidCo gets advertised as being ‘too good to be true’. For the most part, this is accurate.

You could lose money if you get tempted to buy things that you would not otherwise buy.

In supermarkets, you may spend money on things you did not want or need after getting tempted by a deal or special offer.

The same applies online, where QuidCo’s offerings may lead you to spend more money than you otherwise would.

As long as you only use the website for purchases that you were already planning to make, it offers a valuable opportunity to fill your piggy bank. Or, treat yourself to something on Amazon.

How long you will wait to receive QuidCo funds

If you are looking for an easy way to earn money, then signing up for a QuidCo account should be a useful boost for your budget.

It is not a quick solution.

All transactions must get confirmed by retailers, who will then pay the funds to QuidCo.

The money will get added to your QuidCo account at the end of this process, at which point it can get withdrawn.

Before you earn your cashback, you can see an estimated payment date. This is likely to be somewhere between 1 and 3 months after the transaction has taken place.

You should not rely on cashback as a form of income, particularly because you need to spend money to earn it. But, it can be a handy way of earning extra money with a delayed financial reward.

It is easy to get bored of earning cashback when the results take a while to reach you. Many people forget about their accounts, leaving funds in their QuidCo balance.

To make sure that you do not miss out on money that you have earned, you may find it helpful to mark in your calendar to check your balance every few months.

Have you saved money with QuidCo?

At Cash Lady, we love to hear real life stories about people’s success.

What are your best tips for saving money using QuidCo, if you are already a member?

How much have you saved and how do you maximise your profit?

Your experiences could help other Cash Lady customers save money with Quidco which we all love!