How to save money on New Years Eve

How to save money on New Years Eve
December 30, 2016 Cheryl Lewis

Save money on New Years Eve

Do you want to save money on New Years Eve? New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration. It can also be a very expensive time.

The celebration will seem less fun if you are worried about your bank balance.

You might begrudge spending money to enter clubs and bars. Drinks prices can increase and taxi fares will quickly eat into your budget.

Whether you need a cheaper night, or just wish to save money on New Year’s Eve, these Cash Lady tips can help.

New Year’s Eve at home

You might like to keep costs down by staying at home.

This is much cheaper and easier than finding somewhere to celebrate.

You might also feel more comfortable spending New Year’s Eve away from the busy pubs and clubs.

These money saving tips are perfect for a great night in.

Host a pot luck party

At a pot luck party, each guest brings something to the table.

If you want to celebrate with friends but don’t want an expensive night, this is a handy way to keep costs down.

Tell everyone to bring a sweet or savoury dish. Anything is an acceptable treat, from a share-sized bag of crisps to homemade chilli and baked potatoes.

When everyone gets together, there will be plenty of food for a buffet at home that you haven’t had to foot the bill for.

Use children as an excuse

If you’re a parent, your children are the perfect reason to skip the extravagant New Year’s Eve parties.

Babysitters add to the cost of a night out. And New Year’s Eve at the pub is already expensive enough.

By celebrating with family, you can have a quiet night with a film and a few favourite snacks.

Most children can’t stay awake until Christmas. There is nothing wrong with celebrating early so that they can share the experience.

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Save money with low-cost alcohol

Visit your local supermarket to stock up on beer and wine for the night.

Drinks at bars and pubs can cost a small fortune, but you’re in charge of the budget at home.

With wine, try hyper-decanting. Pour a cheap bottle of wine into your blender, then give it a spin for 30 seconds.

Many wines taste better after hyper-decanting. You can turn the cheapest supermarket wine into one that seems much more expensive.

Save money on New Years drinks

Invest in paper plates and plastic cups

Sometimes, it is best to spend a little money to avoid bigger spending down the line.

If you plan to host a party for quite a few friends, buy some paper plates and plastic cups.

Your guests won’t mind what they’re eating or drinking from. You’ll also save yourself from a pile of post-party washing up. But, more importantly, you are eliminating the risk of broken glasses and plates.

Guests will become a little careless as the drinks flow and the night wears on. A New Year’s Eve party is not the right time to bring out your most expensive crockery.

Don’t feel that you need to go and buy real glasses and plates, if you don’t have enough for everyone that you’ve invited. Sometimes, disposable is best.

New Year’s Eve out and about

Going out and celebrating New Year’s Eve is a tradition that many enjoy.

It’s an excuse for a big celebration with friends. It is also a chance to make new ones.

Make the most of your night out with a few of these money making tips:

Look for tickets in advance

Many pubs and bars operate with tickets on New Year’s Eve. Without a ticket, you’re not getting in.

Check in advance. You can secure entry to your venue of choice. If you miss your opportunity, you might start your New Year’s celebrations out in the cold.

Without a ticket, you may have to celebrate in one of the less popular or more expensive bars. You might also need to pay more for on-the-night entry.

Find alternatives to pubs, clubs and bars

Most celebrations are parties in pubs, where everyone celebrates by drinking.

Increasingly, alternative New Year celebrations are becoming more popular.

Look for celebratory dinners, public firework displays, afternoon teas, pantomimes, circuses and family-friendly events. All can help you to save money on New Year’s Eve.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to be celebrating at the stroke of midnight. You might decide to celebrate the New Year on the afternoon of January 1st, instead.

Skiddle is a useful resource for finding UK events. You can filter your results, to find New Year celebrations that don’t involve club nights and discos.

Stay close to home to save money on New Years Eve

Stay close to home on new years eve

If you do want to celebrate at a pub or bar, try to choose one that is close to home.

You won’t need to book a taxi for the start or end of the night if the bar is within walking distance.

You’ll also have more time to relax (or drink) at home.

You can start your night slowly, then join the busy crowds for just the last hour or two.

Look for free public transport

To keep people safer and keep the roads clearer, many local authorities run free public buses for New Year’s Eve.

Check in advance, to see if these are available locally.

You might be able to avoid expensive taxi fares completely.

The free bus might not be the most comfortable way to travel, but it will save money on New Year’s Eve.

Book your taxi in advance

If only a taxi will do, make sure that it is booked in advance. This gives you a chance to haggle and secure a better deal.

If you leave your taxi bookings until New Year’s Eve, you are likely to pay more for the same trip.

Enjoy some soft drinks

You don’t need to be the designated driver to order the occasional Coke.

Alternating alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will significantly reduce the cost of your night out. It also helps you to minimise the hangover that you might have the following morning.