How to Avoid being Conned by Clairvoyants

How to Avoid being Conned by Clairvoyants
July 11, 2018 Felicity Anderson

Psychic and Clairvoyant Scams: Don't be Conned by Clairvoyants

Many people believe in clairvoyants and psychics and while there are plenty out there who work to try and help people, others are far more dubious and can be put down to nothing more than psychic and clairvoyant scams.

If you are seeking a clairvoyant or have been approached by someone out of the blue claiming to tell your future, then do your research first and think very carefully before handing over any money.

Unfortunately, there are lots of psychic and clairvoyant scams out there, with people being ripped off and conned, often when they are feeling vulnerable and desperately searching for answers in a time of need.

Here CashLady looks at how to avoid being conned by clairvoyants.

Choosing a psychic or clairvoyant carefully

If you’re looking to speak with a clairvoyant then it’s important that you find one who genuinely wants to help you, rather than trying to manipulate you for money.

Ensure the psychic is reputable by researching them online and seek recommendations from friends or family who may have used them before.

Clarify the total cost of anything you will receive and before agreeing to anything and ask if there are any conditions and ongoing or hidden costs.

Try and get it all in writing, for example in an email, so that you have evidence of what was agreed if they try and charge you more money that was initially discussed.

Don’t believe everything you are told

Whether you have engaged their services, or been contacted randomly, remember, that the psychic or clairvoyant may try to convince you that their insights are genuine by telling you something about yourself.

Often, when we want to believe something we do, so consider whether what they are telling you is truly insightful or whether it’s general and could actually be true about anyone.

Similarly, a scammer may try to manipulate you by telling you something about yourself that you have mentioned previously, or that they have found by searching for you online, for example on social media.

Psychic and clairvoyant scams

Psychic and Clairvoyant Scams: Don't be Conned by Clairvoyants

If you are contacted by someone out of the blue who is claiming to be a psychic or clairvoyant, then be extremely wary.

Don’t enter into any conversation with them, especially if they mention anything about curses, lottery numbers, charms or spells.

You may be contacted online, by telephone, post or in person but in any case, it is likely to be a scam that is designed to manipulate you out of money.

The so-called clairvoyant may claim you have been cursed or jinxed and offer to remove this themselves or give you the name of someone else who can, usually without any initial mention of money.

The scammer may tell you that they will help you in return for a fee and then if you turn them down, may threaten to invoke a curse or bad luck charm on you.

You may be persuaded into buying a lucky charm or the winning lottery numbers, and once you have paid, will receive a worthless item or, more likely, nothing at all.

Alternatively, the scammer may frighten you by warning you of a false future event and then promise to protect you from that event in return for ongoing payments.

How to respond to physic and clairvoyant scams

The best way to deal with this type of scammer is to not enter into any discussions at all – simply don’t respond.

Take down their details and report them, also warn friends and family not to speak to them, remembering that they prey on the vulnerable.

Don’t waste money on psychic hotlines

Psychic hotlines typically have excessively high rates and are targeted at the vulnerable, who feel that they have nowhere else to turn.

If you do want to engage the services of a psychic or clairvoyant, then follow our earlier tips and seek recommendations first, don’t waste money on a hotline.

Similarly, never call a number that you receive from an email that you weren’t expecting, this is likely to be a scam and a way for criminals to get your personal details and manipulate you into handing over payment information.

Once they have your information they may use this for fraudulent purposes and may further contact you, attempting to rip you off again with other scams.

Final thoughts

While there are many genuine clairvoyants who wish nothing more than to ease your worries and help, there is also a minority who prey on the vulnerable in order to make you part with your money with nothing in return. Don’t fall victim to psychic and clairvoyant scams by staying vigilant and following the advice we’ve shared above.