How To Have The Perfect Staycation

How To Have The Perfect Staycation
July 18, 2014 admin
How To Have The Perfect Staycation

For reasons of economy, time or to save the environment, many of us are choosing to forego a traditional holiday and vacation at home instead. But these so-called ‘staycations’ don’t have to consist of sitting in front of the television, popping to the shops or the occasional trip to the back garden.

Here’s how to have a memorable mini-break without leaving your street – A handy guide brought you by CashLady.

Make A Plan

Before your holiday at home begins, try to have an idea of what you will be doing each day. Use your local paper and websites like the BBC’s Things To Do to discover events and activities happening in your area, and plot your time around those.

Make sure there’s plenty of variety to your excursions, so think about including the cinema, museums, country parks and restaurants. Don’t forget to let the rest of the family have some input too – and make the whole thing flexible enough that a rainy day won’t wreck your plans.

Sort Out Your Budget

Try to have an idea of how much you have to spend during the holiday, or set yourself a daily limit you can afford and stick to it. Factor in elements such as admission prices, petrol costs and refreshments (and the inevitable trip to the gift shop).

While it’s important to indulge the kids during your staycation, try and spend smart to keep costs to a minimum. You can check out our article on free days out here.

Find Other Staycationers

Finding another family that is taking a non-travelling vacation can help with organization and with the budget. Sharing resources such as fuel costs when heading out can reduce the amount you spend and having others around can share the burden.

And it can be more fun, too – the kids tend to love it and the parents have someone to share the planning with!

Tackle A Fun Project

Whether it’s building a tree-house, making a vegetable patch, decorating a room or even making your own homemade movie, there are tons of great projects you can initiate around the house to keep everyone entertained.

It might be hard work sometimes, but it will be all the more satisfying to produce something together as a family. But remember not to use that time to simply get chores done – you’re on holiday remember!

Pro tip: if you’re doing some renovation, a small-loan can help with the expense.

Remember You’re On Holiday!

And that brings us to our last point – it’s hard to escape the mindset of being at home and functioning as you normally would. But it’s important to switch off completely and relax.

Ensure that you break out of your usual household schedule and avoid the trap of fulfilling regular duties and appointments.

Act as if, even though you are at home, you’re away in a holiday flat or hotel room, with nothing to worry about but what you’re going to do that day to enjoy yourself. And if your work does call, let it go to voicemail!